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"Training with Molly opened up a whole new world of healing sound for me. I now use the tools I learnt on the course in my Yoga classes and workshops, which really brings another dimension of healing to my spaces. I feel totally alive and in tune with the universe - thank you Molly."   - Catherine



 ~ An advanced sound healer's immersion into a universe of high frequency ~

March - June 2024
London, UK

Sound is the most incredible, healing and powerful force in the universe.

In this training you will be guided deep down into the advanced magic of sound and resonance. From eastern energetic theory to western music theory, creating proficient digital sound scapes, using your voice to heal and everything in-between, you will graduate from this course as a strong and confident sound healing and space holder - as a keeper and guardian of this ancient wisdom.


The word person derives from the ancient latin translation as 'being of sound'. As we make the dive into the multiverse of sound and vibration you will become more in touch with your own sacredness as a human being on this Earth, beginning to tap into the great potential of sonic healing and the immense power of vibration, frequency, voice and digital sound.


Over the course of three training weekends, supported by an in-depth virtual course portal, case studies, assessments and submissions, you will learn about each of the fundamental instruments within the world of healing sound, select your own instruments, learn to use your voice, sacred mantra and dive deeply into the mystery that lies within.

This training equips you to connect deeply with your consciousness and creativity, harnessing the power of your own unique gifts and authentic voice to offer the beauty of your sonic medicine to the world.

What does this training include?

  • 3 (optional) x training weekend immersions in North London

March 23 + 24

April 27 + 28

June 29 + 30


  • Online, in-depth course portal + coursework

  • Reading assignments and reflections

  • Supporting video and MP3 content

  • Tuition on various sound healing instruments (crystal bowls, percussion, chimes...)

  • Proficiency tuition on basic digital platforms (Ableton live... drone generators)

  • Mantra singing, vocal toning and voice coaching

  • Access to WhatsApp support group community

  • 1 x 60 minute 1-2-1 mentoring call with course leaders

Who is this training for?

For anyone and everyone who is ready to deep dive the incredible magic and ancient history of healing sound.

No prior experience necessary although some experience is preferable.

Especially great for wellness practitioners, Yoga/Meditation teachers, holistic therapists, musicians, producers, artists and retreat leaders who wish to incorporate sound healing into their classes, performances and spaces.

For cosmic adventurers that are drawn to the mystic and healing powers of sound. For those that are ready to meet themselves with reverence and go deeper into metamorphosis, through the transformative portal of this ancient wisdom.

 The knowledge you will receive in this training will allow you to use create beautiful sound experiences for yourself, friends and family, to accompany yoga and meditation classes, sound baths, breathwork and reiki sessions, cacao and tea ceremonies, during massage and so many other amazing, holistic practices. It will also deeply enrich your personal life and spiritual practice, and hopefully will inspire you to continue exploring this wonderful and mystical path of Sound Healing.


Course Content



Mysticism of Sound

  • A history of sound healing

  • Archaeoacoustics + the ancient world

  • Key elements of sound healing

  • Nada Yoga

  • Sound and Mysticism

  • Chakra + energetic theory

  • Mantra, vocal toning, seed sounds

  • Medicine music, power songs

  • Freeing the voice

  • Pathos + logos (as within, so without)

  • Sound, silence, tension and release

  • Working with energy

  • Intentionality



Healing with Sound

  • Hz, frequency, binaural + monoaural beats, decibels, resonance, drones, cymatics

  • Entrainment + coherence

  • Solfeggio frequencies

  • 432 v 440 hz

  • Isochronic tones + overtones

  • Electromagnetic mind

  • Digital sound theory

  • Basic western music theory

  • Just intenation + equal temperament

  • Science + benefits of sound healing

  • Nervous system, brain waves, polyvagul theory, vagus nerve, hormone secretion.



Embodied Sound

  • Learn to play crystal bowls, tibetan singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, shamanic drums, percussion, drones.

  • Learn the basics of Ableton to create digital sound.

  • Building confidence and weaving sound experiences live.

  • Working 1:2:1 and in group formats

  • Safety, contraindications, considerations

  • Holding space safely

  • Trauma-informed approach

  • Practicalities and sharing your magic!

What do I need?


Computer + Ableton (Pro suite is best)

Commitment to the course and to personal growth

Access to the internet

Open mind + heart

*If you have not chosen all instruments yet please don't worry. We will cover this in the first module of the course and there will be plenty of time to find your perfecmatches. You may need at least one instrument to attend the second and third in-person training weekends - but this can be as small as a single chime or singing bowl. 

Our suggested suppliers will be provided upon enrolment.

Course Leaders


Sean Delahay

  • Instagram
  • Spotify

Sean Delahay (DELAHAY) is an electronic music artist, producer, yoga teacher, sound healer and videographer based in London.

With a lifelong exploration into music and sound under his belt, Sean has a background in live production and dance music. Passionate about the influence music and sound has on mood, feeling and creating transformational experience, Sean now shares his immense expertise in the field of digital sound within the healing space.

After training to be a yoga and meditation teacher his practice has evolved into the deep relationship between sound and universal consciousness. Sean's explorations into sound include drones, binaural beats, brain wave patterning, entrainment and heart coherence.

Sean's teaching will guide you to proficiency on Ableton Live - a software that allows for live production as well as studio mastery. Having access to Ableton to make the most out of this course is suggested, but not essential.


Molly Chinner

  • Instagram
  • Spotify

Molly-Anne Chinner is a sound healing artist, vocalist, yogīnī, circle weaver, creatrix and ceremonial musician.


Passionate about the ancient healing powers of sound, music and voice - Molly finds great joy in weaving her beloved crystal alchemy bowls, guitar, pure and soulful voice and hand-crafted shamanic drum into her uniquely ambient and explorative sound.


Weaving a touch of her native folk sound with soulful mantra, uplifting crystalline soundscapes, classical instrumentation and dream-like vocals, Molly’s music is intended as a channel of prayer to inspire universal connection and to guide the listener on an inner journey experience to open the heart.


Molly uniquely combines her ethereal channelled song with a lifelong connection to spirit and the Earth - sharing deeply emotive, otherworldly sounds that guide the listener deeper within the inner landscape and invite connection with source.

Graduate Testimonials

Catarina Carvalho

"This course was very well organised and had a good balance of self-study time as well as practical time. I was made to feel safe by the course leaders and had all the support and resources I could ask for. 

For me this course was life changing, as it made me appreciate the world in a different manner. Everything is vibration. Everything is alive and to learn this art is a blessing."

  • Instagram

Victoria Chamron

"Not only did I learn so much about sound healing, Molly held such a powerful space for us to be creative, vulnerable and curious. Her knowledge as well as Sean's superceded my expectations. I've only now scratched the surface of this journey. I'm looking forward to more trainings with Molly."

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Investment + Dates

£999 - Online only

£1111 - Including immersive in-person weekends (London)

March 23 + 24

April 27 + 28

June 29 + 30

To get started hit the button below to begin your journey. 

*1 x partial and 1 x full scholarship spaces available for bipoc students/lgtbqi+ students and those under-represented in the wellness space. Payments plans available to everybody with a 20% non refundable deposit.

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