What is sound healing?

Our entire cosmos is woven together on the fabric of vibration. We are made of vibration. Sound healing is an ancient technique that uses sound and vibration to stimulate healing patterns in the body. 

With the help of the sacred gong, voice, singing bowls, chimes and drums amongst other more contemporary instruments, I intend to create a deeply enchanting soundscape of vibration that washes through the body's subtle energy systems, cleansing and clearing any energy blocks, allowing our vitality and Prana to build within.

How can sound healing help you?

A form of deep and transcendent meditation, sound healing has a wonderful way of aiding the slipping the body into total relaxation, calming the mind and relieving tension and thus reducing aches and pains. These sounds also capture our attention in a way that needs no narration by the thinking mind. The internal chatter falls away to reveal pure awareness in the moment.

I offer public sound journey's in London and on retreats, sound healing for solo adventurers, couples or small groups. Click below to get started. 

"I didn't know how much I needed it. I slept a full night for the first time in months. Thank you Molly" - Carole, 2021