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I first stepped on a Yoga mat when I was a teenager. Highly burnt out, anxious and frazzled. Fast forward a few years and I took my first teacher training in 2018. I became passionate about sharing this incredible, healing practice with the world. 


Yoga caught me gently and taught me to see the beauty and magic in the mundane. My sadhana helped me to learn self-care (real, authentic self care) and build the resilience and awareness skills that have helped me to awaken to the path I am walking today.

Yoga opened my eyes to the incredible tidal powers that run through me. As a woman, and as a human being. To the pulsation of the animate everything. 

The Yoga I share today is a combination of the teachings I have cultivated on my path - predominantly from the lineages of Tantric Yoga, Shaktism, Non Dual Shaivism, Nada Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Somatic Embodiment practices.

Most of my sessions will include music, soundscapes, chanting, devotional singing, movement, breathing and making space for WHAT IS to arise.

My practice flows and ebbs with the tides of life, with my own embodied cycle and with the seasonal dance of sun and moon. There is little rigid structure in my classes, for this is the feminine path. She is wild, untamed and liberated and free. This is the invitation for you too, dear soul.

In my spaces you can expect to have FULL autonomy. YOU choose how/if/when and why you take part. YOU select the options that feel best for you and your body on any given moment. YOU choose if you would like gentle touch assists or not. YOU choose if and how you would prefer to rest. You can always expect to receive respect, care and support for what you need in any given moment.

I hope you can join me sometime. Come as you are. All welcome.


The philosophy on Non Dual Tantra is baed on the principle that the presence of divinity can be witnessed within all things. Through the dance of Shiva & Shakti we experience polarity and duality. It it through the realisation that duality that we are able to experience beauty and awaken to the idea that God exists within all things. 

This is the path of non-rejection and embodiment of the moment, knowing that there is only ever here and NOW. 

All of my offerings are based within this philosophy. 


"The human body is not an instrument to be used, but a realm of one's being to be experienced, explored, enriched and, thereby, educated. We cannot sense without acting and we cannot act without sensing."

-- Thomas Hanna

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