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5 week initiation to unleash the power of your own sovereign voice.


At this time of immense change and suffering on planet Earth we are being invited to step more fully into our collective truth as warriors of the light, to beckon a new era of compassion and beauty through to a new world. We are being invited to step into our SACRED NO and to speak out against mindless violence instead of hiding in the shadows. We are powerful in our togetherness, our prayers for global healing and our refusal to not be heard. We are sovereign beings and this is our voice.

Calling all those who feel hopeless, beaten down, misaligned, purposeless, silenced, weakened and forgotten...


When we claim our authentic voices we harness our potential and innate truth as powerful and sovereign beings. To speak up, take up space and stand in truth as an act of reclamation and empowerment is a powerful gesture of kinship and love to our global consciousness.

You are invited to step into your power and unleash the full, embodied potential of your sovereign voice.



Open the voice as an instrument of your truth and compassionate heart. Our voices are powerful tools for creation. Let us channel our creative energy into freedom, truth and liberation for the liberation of ALL of Earth's children.


Awaken your powerful voice and become a channel for the great tides of love and truth to move through you in this time of global crisis.


we are the changemakers

we are the creators

we are the voices of sovereignty

Our soul's song is the pure, true and resonant frequency of our most authentic selves. it is raw, unfiltered, healing and powerful. When it is fully felt, unleashed and empowered it is truly magical and can touch the hearts of many. It can guide our expression to a more truthful place and guide us to taking up the fullness of our power.


The voice is a source of infinite magic and cosmic, creative energy. The voice represents our expression and the way we move through the world. Through consciously connecting to the voice we can activate our intuitive gifts, purpose, joy, creativity and soul song. The voice can also hold trauma, heaviness, pain and suppressed emotions that we hold through our lives. It becomes a blocked energetic space within us making us forget our power and become smaller. Collectively, our global voice has retreated in fear.


In this course, you will be guided through whatever is blocking your truthful expression to become more powerful in your authentic voice. This is the alchemical work ~ the activation of raw and heart-felt expression that will ripple out to touch all aspects of your life. Activating the voice opens us up to receiving higher expressions of truth, clears blockages for healing, and even activates your creativity and self-confidence. This course is a deep dive into the attunement of your authentic, soul voice, the energetics of singing, vocal channelling, improvisation and the voice as a tool for inner alchemy.


You will be guided through a gentle yet powerful healing journey through sounding, prayer, group ritual, meditation, sound healing, vocal toning and medicine songs. Most importantly the intention is to allow you to connect with your sovereign voice.



Unblock tension and balance your chakras, with special focus on the throat chakra – the centre of expression, creativity, and worthiness and release blocks and tension to singing, speaking and living out loud.

Understand how to use vocal practice as a tool for truthful expression, somatic release, nervous system restoration, resiliency, self-care, creativity and joy.

SPEAK UP! Cultivate power in your sovereignty, self-trust, and belief in the worthiness of what you have to share with the world.

Learn techniques to expand your vocal range and harness the power of the breath.

Increase singing stamina, volume, strength, and vocal control and stability.

Discover your unique voice, soul songs and inner music

Listen deeper and become a voice for those who cannot speak.



  • 5 x self-paced virtual modules

  • 5 x weekly live calls through February 2024

  • Opening and integration modules

  • Soul Enquiry journaling prompts

  • Course portal with info, video content, and lifetime access

  • Access to Whatsapp support group




Week 1 - Warmups + Vocal Play (with Camilla Mason)

Week 2 - The Vocal Shadow/False Voice

Week 3 - Nervous System Regulation (With Laura Taylor)

Week 4 - Getting 'Out of the Way' + Attuning To Truth

Week 5 - Unleashing Your Soul Song




Camilla Mason
- guest facilitator -

  • Instagram

Camilla is a Sound Healer, vocalist, creative facilitator and artist. She believes in Sound as an extension of oneself, transforming love, rage, grief, and prayer through vibration and vocal activation.


She will be guiding some fun, playful warm up vocal games to warm up the voice and invite some sacred silliness into the space.


Molly Chinner
- course leader -

  • Instagram
  • Spotify

Molly-Anne Chinner is a sound healing artist, vocalist and musician.

Passionate about the ancient healing powers of sound, music and voice - Molly’s unique music is intended as an offering of prayer to inspire universal connection and to guide the listener on an inner journey experience to open the heart.

With an extensive background in music performance and songwriting, Molly's work today is a curious exploration into voice and sound as a language of the soul -  exploring through the weaving of her native English folk genre with extensive studies into Yoga, ancestral song medicine and Shamanic music practices.

Molly will be offering vocal channelling and reclamation practices to awaken and open the heart. Guiding you to fully expand into the range of what is available within your vocal experience with joy, acceptance and curiosity.


Laura Charlotte Taylor
- guest facilitator -

  • Instagram

Laura is a sound therapist, cacao guardian and energy worker who shares these powerful ancient practices to guide you back into deep connection with your whole self and empower you to trust that all you need is within.


Laura will guide you through a grounding and nourishing vocal toning practice to explore and play with the frequency and vibration of your own voice. Your medicine. Through this vocal toning practice (the sounding of vowel sounds which correspond with the 7 main chakras) you will experience your own frequency individually whilst knowing and feeling that you are connecting energetically as a collective during the practice.


This activation is for all who would like to move deeper into activating the sacred voice. It is especially helpful for sound healers, yoga teachers, holistic practitioners, musicians, creatives and therapists who would like to incorporate voice more into their work. For aspiring to Advanced Yoga Teachers, Coaches, Creatives, Songbirds & Vocal Explorers who would like to get more out of their sacred voice.

No prior vocal experience is necessary!


£333 investment*

Course portal is fully self-paced and self lead.

Live calls will take place on WEDNESDAYS though February 2024. 

Live meetings will be recorded and available in the course portal afterwards.

All calls will take place 19:00 - 20:30 GMT.

Jan 31 - Opening + Vocal Play (with Camilla Mason)

Feb 7 - Unmasking The False Voice

Feb 14 - Self Resonance (with Laura Taylor)

Feb 21 - Taking Up Space

Feb 28 - Unleashing Your Soul Songs + Closing

*To get started hit the button below to start your journey.

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