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Music is an extension of my soul and is at the centre of all I do. I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to write, record, perform and release music across many genres since a young age. 


After being initiated on a spiritual awakening in 2018, I have been led onto a path of self-discovery and transformation, aligning to my true soul purpose.


Over the last 5 years I have been incubating, dreaming and exploring through the mediums of sound and music, waiting for the right moment to craft and share a new sound. I find great joy in weaving my beloved crystal alchemy bowls, guitar and hand-crafted drum into a more ambient and explorative sound - interweaving genre, experimentation and devotion - channelling the frequency of the New Earth to all who listen.


I am exploring blending a touch of my native folk sounds of The British Isles and Celtic Lands with soulful Sanskrit mantras, ambient soundscapes, neo-classical ornamentation and dream-like vocals is my current journey.

Now in 2024, as we are in the midst of a profound shift on our planet, I feel I am being guided to share these new, healing sounds with the world. If you have found your way here then know you have done so for a reason, and I am so grateful for your energy, heart and ears! Please listen on and let me know how these sounds move in you.



EP (2024)

Three brand new sound healing transmissions in gratitude of the spring equinox and the growing light rising from the depths of the winter's dream. 

I am so proud of this work. My first fully self-produced EP (ever!) .. these are the sounds of my soul and I am so excited to share them with you. 

You can listen on Spotify or download on the links below.


Single (2023)

Happy Solstice!  A gift from my heart to yours...


This is a short musical piece that captures the gentle dreaminess of the Midwinter freeze. The slow softness of the starlight twinkling in a black velvety sky. ✨


Allow this music to be an invitation into a few minutes of rest and reflection, amongst what can otherwise be a frantic (and festive!) time of year. 


Big thank yous to my brother Tom Bosher for his ethereal piano magic and my love, Philippe Bosher for weaving his beautiful soft voice with mine. 


Let us know what you think!

Untitled (3000 x 3000 px).PNG


EP (2023)

MUSIC FOR THE INNER LANDSCAPES is a three-part EP, three tracks intended to guide the inner experience.

The sounds and vocals are freely channelled, accompanied by finely tuned, alchemical crystal bowls, hand-crafted shamanic drums, guitar and some digital frequency magic.

I created this listening experience alongside my brothers Sean Delahay and Tom Bosher, with angelic contributions from Peter Bosher as well.

I invite you to listen to all three tracks at a time when you have the space to go inwards. Hold the intention for healing and see what arises. Each journey with the sounds will be so different so release judgement and surrender to the flow. 

Do let me know what you think!

Feminine Rising

EP (2023)

I AM SHE (feminine rising) is a triumphant debut album from Molly-Anne Chinner and team. A magnificent collection of soulful sounds, classical ornamentation, folk song, trance-inducing drum, flute and mantra to transport the listener to another plane of consciousness - this beautiful album marks a monuments moment for the nomadic sound healer as her redeveloped style continues to transcend normative genre in search of heart open consciousness through sound.


Recorded and composed in Molly's home studio in North London, this album focuses on Molly's elevated vocals and cinematic production from Tom Bosher to guide the listener on a dream-like journey through sound and frequency.


 There are 6 tracks in the collection compiling a journey through intentional frequency and vibration. This album was written as an ode to the rising energy of the feminine, ushering in a new era of contemporary thinking alongside the wisdom of our ancestors - paving the way for those to come in a new age of earth centred love.

Written, composed and co-produced by Molly Anne Chinner

Co-produced by Tom Bosher

Contributors - Tom Bosher, Peter Bosher

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