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Sound constitutes the whole living universe. Everything is made of frequency and vibration. Sound healing is based on the principles that everything has its own unique frequency - and through applying therapeutic and healing vibrations the mind, body and spirit can reach a greater sense of harmony. 

Sound healing can help to 'retune' the body to a set of more helpful resonances supporting overall health and wellness. Sound healing can be helpful for relieving symptoms of many common ailments, mental health disorders and conditions - a sonic tonic of respite from our fast-paced world. 

Sound and music has a way of soothing us and speaking to our hearts more than anything else can. 

My signature sound sessions are created using a combination of pure tones - with crystal alchemy bowls, tuning forks and crystal pyramids - ambient sounds, digital drones, heart songs, mantra and ethereal vocals to create a blissful sound cocoon for you to be held by.

My intention is to hold a space for you to receive what you need in any given moment. For you to rest and let go of the world for a little while. For you to replenish and recharge so you can leave feeling a little softer. For you to be nourished and taken care of. To be guided back to your centre.

Take a look at the events listed below to see if there's anything coming up near you. All welcome, no experience necessary. I hope to see you there soon!

No upcoming events at the moment
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