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Welcome friend, to my online library of sound healing transmissions.


This is a sanctuary of seasonally inspired sound healing recordings, where each month will offer new tracks available to stream or download. We have a selection of high-quality, studio produced sound healing tracks for every life moment and occasion, to suit every budget and amount of time.


Listen and download any time.

These tracks are available in a pay-as-you-go library which is open to everyone!

Explore the options below to get started. I am also on YouTube and Insight Timer - where I upload content weekly!




Hello Earth Family! Please enjoy this sound & light transmission to ground and heal this Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Aries!


May these frequencies soothe, nourish and heal your soul over this transformational time. Immerse yourself in the ethereal melodies of the Venusian crystal bowl, known for its beautiful, soothing and harmonising effects on the body and mind.


Let the ethereal Koshi chimes transport you to higher realms of consciousness, while the light transmissions encode your DNA with upgrades and activations - facilitating spiritual enlightenment.


This sound journey is crafted to ignite spiritual growth, expand consciousness, and activate your soul gifts, clearing any karmic patterns or blockages that are restricting your expansion.


As the vibrations of the quartz crystal bowl permeate every cell of your being, feel barriers dissolve, allowing for the release of stagnant energy and emotional blockages.


Through this process, you’ll experience a profound sense of liberation and renewal, paving the way for a more vibrant and harmonious existence through this solar eclipse.


So much love to you all!

The Heart Sutra (Song Of The Heart) 


10 minutes

A mystical, palī mantra from the Tibetan lineage to evoke the infinite radiance of the eternal heart within the realms of light.

Angelic layered vocals, platinum 'F' crystal singing bowls to evoke the tonality of the heart, accompanied by moody rainstick percussion and Tibetan singing bowls.

Before listening to the Mantra take a moment to tune into your heart and notice the textures, stresses and layers falling away - revealing a pure and infinite light beneath.


Always listen with headphones!

Find harmony and balance as the sweet song of Libra sings across the night sky.

44 minutes


A piece featuring a high and middle D# alchemy crystal bowl (high sacral activation) along with chimes and angelic, layered vocals.


This full length sound journey will guide you to anchor in the themes of this full moon / lunar eclipse as well as connect with the gentle song of the springtime.




Always listen with headphones!

Koshi Chimes, Alchemy Gemstone Infused Crystal Bowls, Venus Chimes, Angel Chimes, 528 hz Binaural Beats & Voice.


37 minutes


For expanded awareness, heart chakra activation (platinum infused crystal alchemy bowl in the key of F), insight and clarity activation, divine crystalline consciousness (pure crystal bowl in the key of A) 


This gentle soothing sound journey is infused with beautiful, divine feminine frequencies of love and compassion. Magical and ethereal chimes infuse a gentle soul exploration into the song and fill the heart with an expanded, conscious love.


The 2 alchemy bowl frequencies resonate with both divine masculine and feminine energies and the chimes touch upon the inner child, guiding us back into peace, wholeness and softness, whilst the ethereal chimes of Venus connect us to the guiding light of the stars. 


This sweet and soothing sound journey invites you to hold the frequency of divine union and heart-centred intelligence. It inspires us to activate and co-create with the spark of love and light within our hearts.




Always listen with headphones!

A short, free guided meditation accompanied by the uplifting strokes of the celtic harp.

7 minutes

A gentle and sweet mindfulness based practice to guide you back to your radiant heart and all of the blossoming beauty of springtime.

My gift to you this Equinox!


Always listen with headphones.

Alchemy Gemstone Infused Crystal Bowls, Cosmic Bb Midi Frequencies, Celestial Vocals & Light Language Transmissions.


21 minutes


For a cosmic heart chakra activation, this awakening sound journey is infused with divine feminine frequencies of love and abundance.


Magical tones infuse a gentle soul exploration into the song and fill the heart with an expanded, conscious love whilst the channelled light codes connect us to the guiding light of the stars.


This cosmic song invites you to hold the frequency of pure love and heart-centred intelligence. It inspires us to awaken the radiant love and light deep in the centre of our hearts.




Always listen with headphones!

Join me for a deeply relaxing meditation practice accompanied by the sweet and mystical tones of Koshi chimes and ethereal, layered vocals.


This guided relaxation is perfect to do first thing in the morning, for an afternoon catnap, or before bed for a deeper sleep. Always wear headphones!

Inviting you to wake with radiance.


Join a short, morning practice designed to illuminate you from the inside out and set the tone for your morning. Featuring 528hz miracle frequency, crystalline tones in F (heart) and A (third eye) to awaken radiant love and clarity.


Listen with headphones to receive the fullness of the sounds.

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