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Fri, 15 Mar


St Nectan's Glen

Wild Woman: A Sacred Sisterhood Retreat to Ancient Kernow

Come sisters, it's time to awaken the wild woman within...

Wild Woman: A Sacred Sisterhood Retreat to Ancient Kernow

Time & Location

15 Mar 2024, 14:00 GMT – 18 Mar 2024, 14:00 GMT

St Nectan's Glen, Fore St, Tintagel PL34 0HL, UK

About the event

"Help me awaken the Goddess within

Where she's slumbered too many years away

Until lightening strikes my chest again

And thunder rolls within words I say

I call upon the water rushing in my veins

And I raise the winds within my soul

Help me pull wisdom from my past pains

To help those pieces in me become whole"

- Christen Rodgers

Enchanted one, 

If you have found this page you are feeling the call of something deeper stirring under the surface. An old and profound awakening is occurring within you. You feel your own power rising - wild and untamed. You are evolving. This is a call to all who feel the song of the wild woman in their hearts. You are invited into an immersive weekend retreat in the sacred jewel of St Nectan's Glen Waterfall, Kernow (Cornwall) to awaken the wild self of limitless expression, and rest in the belonging of sisterhood.

Imagine yourself gliding barefoot through an ancient forest. You hear the footsteps of your sisters behind you, accompanied by the sweet melody of spring birdsong in the tree canopy overhead. You meet wise, ivy-clad trees on your journey, walking alongside an old and sacred river winding onwards through the woods. Eventually you emerge into a clearing - a beautiful glade with March sunshine dripping gold through the leaves above, sparkling upon the river's surface. The ambient mist of late autumn plays in the air as you turn a corner and behold the breathtaking natural beauty of St Nectan's Waterfall. This is a place of myth and legend, where the fae folk dance and creatures of old come to gaze beyond. The veil is thin here and as you gaze into the tumbling waters you feel a thunderous roar deep in your bones. The wild woman awakens. 

This moment in time offers us the opportunity to be enchanted and delve deeply beneath the surface -rooting into the realms of sacred feminine wisdom. This retreat summons a supportive circle of women to find presence, courage and empowerment whilst nestled in the arms of one of Britain's most beautiful sacred sites. Our practices will go deep but the pace of our weekend will be gentle and supportive, exploring the wilderness within through the mediums of movement, breath, meditation, connection, sharing circle, plant medicine, ritual, sound healing and sacred song.

We call upon the raw energy residing at the core of the Wild Woman archetype that will rise and unblock our energetic channels - to reveal our true essence. When this true essence can express itself through creativity, devotion, voice, movement, sound, breath and music, the binds of societal conditioning will fall away and you will feel your whole being liberated from fear and shame. We will spend time unravelling these feelings and beliefs that hold us back from expressing our true selves and allow ourselves to surrender to the power of our authentic selves.  

If you have been yearning for the embrace of sisterhood, kindred spirits, the earthen scent of an enchanted woodland and ancient waterfalls and feeling the hum of your own sacred heartsong - this retreat is for you.


Throughout the weekend you will be invited to experience a number of practices, rituals and initiations for you to connect and go deeper into to the untapped power of your wild Self. Together we'll weave a tightly connected sisterhood where we each feel supported to unlock and let go; a place to feel seen, heard and accepted in all that we are.

  • Movement, Dance, Yoga and Embodiment Practices
  • Voice Work, Activation and Breathwork
  • Gong Bath + Sound Healing
  • Sacred Song, Drumming + Singing Circles
  • Visioning, Shamanic Journeying, Meditation
  • Ceremony, Ritual + Plant Medicines
  • Nature Connection, Mindfulness
  • Massage, Facials, Reiki, Holistic Therapies *


Waterfall Blessing 

We are so lucky to have private access to the waterfalls and forest at all times. We will be gathering in ritual to bless, bathe and liberate ourselves in the sacred waters.* Please prepare to wear something white for this blessing.

Cacao + Blue Lotus Ceremony 

Mama Cacao is a sacred plant medicine from South America, and her ally Blue Lotus hails from Egypt. The Cacao medicine represents the way of the heart and reflects humanity's sacred connection and relationship with the land and the (un)seen worlds. We use Mama Cacao alongside the nectar of the Blue Lotus flower to enhance and open the third eye. We will be drinking this potion in a ceremony to enter into the dreamtime of the plant keepers and unseen worlds.

We use Cacao in our ceremony because her spirit is a keeper of ancient, sacred wisdom. She holds the vibrations of kindness and unconditional love, opening a channel for deeper connections to form with ourselves and others. Cacao's energy is healing and very gentle—speaking directly to the heart. When we connect with the heart’s energy, our voice may speak from a place of deeper intelligence carrying vibrations of peace and harmony. Blue Lotus is the king of the dreamers. A beautiful and vibrant entheogen - Blue Lotus comes to us bringing his wise message of initiation - opening our inner eye to see beyond illusion.

Vocal Activation + Breathwork 

Our voices are incredibly powerful tools for healing, empowering and uncovering our authentic selves. Activating and awakening our authentic voice is a process of unblocking and releasing the energetic, emotional and physical space of the voice. Throughout our lives, especially in early life, we can receive unconscious messing and/or trauma around the throat space causing us to hold tension, block ourselves and become fearful of our voices.

Vocal activation is a process of re-wilding, reclaiming and empowering ourselves to be seen and heard in our most authentic and powerful state. The voice is a direct channel from the heart, when activated and free it allows us to speak our truth and live authentically. We will be using a range of practices to support the gentle opening and freeing of the voice. 


We will start our mornings by moving, breathing and connecting with cycles, rhythms - deeply embodying the vast within. These practices will guide you to explore the outer edges of your being, opening all the parts of you that feel tight or resistant and allowing the sacred waters to flow. Our practices will weave through traditional Yoga, ecstatic dance, sensual embodiment, free movement, restorative Yoga, self-massage and beyond. All abilities, body types, ages will be catered for.  

Gong Bath + Sound Journeying

Fall through the stars and into vibrational harmony with daily journeys using the deeply therapeutic qualities of sound. Lose yourself, free your energy and feel your troubles melt away as you release into the bliss of intentional vibration. Sound healing can be beneficial for helping with energetic balance, emotional release, physical healing and nervous system regulation. Regular sound healing sessions can have profound and magical effects on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self.

Nature Connection 

St Nectan's Glen and Waterfalls is one of Britain's most sacred sites. A space of great power, peace and healing this ancient forest and natural waterfall has been a place of spiritual significance for many thousands of years. We will be using our time among the trees to connect with the energy of the Earth as well as the spirits that dwell within the Glen to assist our awakening, unravelling and blossoming.  

Drumming  + Sacred Song Circle 

Come journey with us into the world of sound and music. Drumming has long been used by shamans, priestesses and spiritual voyagers to connect with the Earth and ride the column of sound into the centre of the heart. We will take our place amongst the trees and sing to our ancestors - reclaiming the tradition of folk song to build relationship with  our own vibrational essence. Sharing Space Women’s circles are an ancient practice and place for women to be held, heard, seen and supported. We don't have enough spaces where we can speak honestly, authentically and without fear of judgement. When we share in held spaces such as this we often find release in speaking the words aloud, and comfort in hearing our stories reflected back to us in the experiences of others. We will spend time reflecting, sharing authentically and journalling each day to meditate upon our own, and the collective, healing. 


  1. While this work may have therapeutic benefits, this is not supposed to be offered instead of, or as a replacement to, therapy. If you are seeking therapy then we encourage you to seek 1-1 support from a qualified psychotherapist. If you are experiencing significant mental health challenges please contact us in advance so that we can have a conversation about whether this retreat is right for you at this time.
  2. There is very little phone reception at the venue. We encourage you to take the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world, and to fully immerse yourself in nature but we do have limited wifi access if necessary. 


St Nectan’s Glen is revered as a sacred place, where numerous ribbons, crystals, photographs, inscriptions, prayers and other devotions now adorn the foliage and rock walls near the waterfall. Many myths and legends, from King Arthur and his knights to ghostly sightings surround this place; but one undeniable fact is that it is a place of outstanding mystical and spiritual natural beauty. 

St Nectan’s Waterfall has been carved by The River Trevillet which weaves through the valley, creating one of the most stunning waterfalls of its kind. With its spectacular outlet from which water spills into a shallow pool of crystal clear water, before continuing its way to the glen below, it’s truly mesmerising. Mosses, fern and grasses adorn the fall, fringing every rock with a native drapery of the most exquisite beauty.

Following on from the shallow pool at the feet of the kieve, water flows down into the stream and offers another beautiful waterfall scene to the valley below. You might even be lucky enough to spot another, more secluded waterfall near which we have opened an eco-friendly walkway through the woods to explore beyond, allowing better access to this little gem which was previously unseen and not accessible by the public. Please be aware that in times of drier weather, this particular fall may be a little lessened, however this should in no way deter you from exploring and appreciating the charm and wonder these grounds have to offer.

Here lies one of the wildest, most unspoilt and beautiful places on Earth, poetic and coloured by legend. These waters are reputed to have healing qualities and are watched over by the spirits of past guardians and friends of the Glen.

In the forest, as you progress along the winding paths and slate beds, worn over hundreds of years into steps, you will be able to hear the distant murmur of the waterfall but don’t rush to your destination – spots of quiet beauty invite you to pause, reflect and absorb the atmosphere. With a sense of being suspended in time, listen to the wind sweep through the ancient trees, the songs of birds and the sweet sound of the nearing waterfall itself.

We are lucky to have private access to the waterfalls, river and beautiful forest at all times. Please be mindful of bringing appropriate clothing and footwear for a cold, wet and uneven surface. 


The Retreat accommodations are split between two private buildings (The Retreat and St Cleder). Accomodation will either be sharing (twin beds) or private (queen bed). All bathrooms are shared, but don't worry we have plenty! Nestled in the tree line above the river complete with open plan living spaces, hidden dining corners, large and private outdoor spaces, firepit, meditation room, zen garden, woodburners and the soothing background sounds of the forest - this is a serene and peaceful retreat escape.

We are so lucky to have a beautiful, full sized and fully stocked Yoga studio with additional treatment room to use for the duration of the retreat. All mats, bolsters, blankets and props will be provided for your comfort. Serene lighting, the lingering smell of incense and luxurious space dripping in natural light - this place will really nourish you in mind, body and spirit. 

The Glen is run by a trust and is open between 10-4 for the public. Our retreat space is private but there may be visitors around the waterfall and woodlands between those times. There is a beautiful café on site if you wish to visit during free time, as well as a beauitful gift shop selling tokens, crystals and talismans and a second meditation room/shrine. You will be entitled to 10% off any purchases made in the cafe and gift shop over the duration of the retreat. 


All meals are included in the cost of retreat and please know that we take food very seriously – you will be well fed! 

We can of course cater to any dietary requirements, please let us know of any as soon as you book. We will be bringing you a plant-based and locally sourced menu packed full of seasonal and delicious veggies, grains, and pulses. Expect abundant and nourishing feasts for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners made from scratch using sustainable and local ingredients. 

The food provided will be mainly vegan and gluten free with some local dairy and egg options depending on seasonal availability. Herbal tea will be provided but coffee and wine will not. There is a visitors café on site to which you will be provided a 10% off discount if you wish to purchase extra food, coffee or drinks. Please let us know as soon as you can if you have any food intolerances/allergies.


The cost of travel is not included in the price of the retreat. Please know in advance that there is no way to reach the venue via car or public transport - the forest and is protected land and is only reachable via foot. We will be arranging to meet in the private guests carpark at 13:30 on arrival day after which our luggage will be picked up by 4x4 and delivered to the retreat venue. If you arrive later than arranged an extra luggage collection is possible for a charge of £15. 

Public Transport

The closest station is BODMIN PARKWAY - 15.6 miles away and served by the first Great Western Railway service from London Paddington to Penzance. From Bodmin Parkway you can get the 75 bus to Tintagel Visitors Centre then catch the number 95 bus to Trethevy, where it stops directly opposite St Pirans Church where the walk to The Glen begins. Alternatively, organise a hire car or take a taxi from Bodmin Parkway - but book in advance, as there are no operators based at the station. We create a whatsapp group in advance so that you can arrange a lift share or taxi share with other women on the retreat.


We will have a (free) private carpark available for our use for the whole weekend. If you are driving please aim for the following address; St Nectans Waterfall Car Park, Trethevy, Tintagel PL34 0BE.  


Private room with king-sized bed: £1295 (for one person)

Shared twin room: £995 per person

Subsidised twin room: £495 per person (2 available*)

*Subsidised places are intended for those on low/no income, students, and those who would not be able to afford the full price of a retreat. We are able to offer two places at this subsidised rate with special considerations for those qualifying as intersectionally under-represented. Please contact us if you would to be considered for a subsidised place.

Payment plans available – please email us to arrange a plan that suits you.

Contact Molly on for more information. 


3 nights accommodation

Long weekend of workshops, classes, ceremonies and ritual

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and herbal teas

Free and private access to forest + waterfalls

Cacao + Plant Medicines

(Does not include travel to and from site)


Molly is a Yoga and Embodiment Guide, Sound Healer, Musician, Vocalist and Cacao Alchemist.

She specialises in women's work - offering leadership, guidance and solidarity to others walking the path of rewilding, connection and liberation. She holds a deep reverence for the ancient powers of circle and ceremony in a world that has lost its love of magick. Her intention is to empower you to step into your own unique alignment and return to the beautiful guidance of your own heart - radiating your light and lifting the collective conscious vibration.

Molly’s path is to honour the existence of light and dark within us all. Her work aligns with the energetic cycles of the seasons, lunar month and astrological movements - allowing you a direct path to cosmic alignment.

Molly has had music in her bones from the earliest age. After spending time post-study touring as a professional singer-songwriter she decided to dedicate her life to the path of healing. After studying extensively with world leaders in the fields of Yoga, meditation, embodiment, breathwork, space holding, ritual and sound healing her life has been a delicious poetry of offering this work out to her community.

Her work today is a mixture of traditional, indigenous and contemporary healing arts - using the gifts of native wisdom, sonic and plant medicines to offer a personalised pathway to transformation and inviting you to reframe, manifest and alchemise your reality into vibrational alignment, enabling you to become that which you dream.





  • Private Room (for one)


    +£22.38 service fee

    Includes £250 non-refundable deposit


    +£22.38 service fee



  • Shared Twin Room (for one)


    +£17.38 service fee

    Includes £250 non-refundable deposit


    +£17.38 service fee



  • Triple Room (for one)


    +£14.88 service fee


    +£14.88 service fee



  • Quadruple Room (for one)


    +£12.38 service fee


    +£12.38 service fee





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