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Fri, 01 Nov



SAMHAIN: Sacred Sisterhood Retreat to Avalon

Calling all the sky walkers, healers, midwives, wise women, wild women, birth keepers, herbalists, mystics, psychics...

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SAMHAIN: Sacred Sisterhood Retreat to Avalon
SAMHAIN: Sacred Sisterhood Retreat to Avalon

Time & Location

01 Nov 2024, 16:00 GMT – 04 Nov 2024, 11:00 GMT

Glastonbury, 1 The Roman Way, Glastonbury BA6 8AB, UK

About the event

Calling all the sky walkers, healers, midwives, wise women, wild women, birth keepers, herbalists, mystics, psychics…

It’s time to tap into your powerful lineage, honour your ancestors, and embrace your truth...

The intuitive, empathic, and powerful woman that has a deep and magical sense of self, and connection to the healing of the earth.

You’ve tuned out your intuitions and learned to play small to stay safe in a society that has burnt intuitive women.

But get ready dear one… your days in the witch-closet are over!

It's time to reclaim the witch within and heal the wounds that have been open for centuries to move into a new paradigm of beauty and love.

It’s time to reclaim our voices, our intuition, our power and our magic on the sacred lands of AVALON.

Let us gather under the dwindling autumn light as the Wheel of the Year turns towards shadow. Upon the hallowed time of Samhain when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Welcoming forward the powerful lines of women that stand behind us, welcoming us to remember our magic and healing the Earth beneath our feet.

It's time to wake the witches...


Throughout the weekend you will be invited to experience a number of practices, rituals and initiations for you to connect and go deeper into to the untapped power of your wild, witchy self. Together we'll weave a tightly connected sisterhood where we each feel supported to unlock and let go; a place to feel seen, heard and accepted in all that we are.

  • Tantric Feminine Embodiment Practices
  • Voice Activation
  • Sound Ceremony
  • Sacred Song, Drumming + Singing Circles
  • Cacao Ceremony + Plant Medicines
  • Visits to Red Springs, White Springs,  Glastonbury Tor and Magdelene Altar
  • Samhain Ceremony at The Goddess Temple
  • Nature Connection


16:00 ~ Arrival

17:00 ~ WAKING THE WITCHES Opening Ritual

18:30 ~ Dinner

20:00 ~ Mugwort Tea & Sound Ceremony


08:00 ~ Silent morning meditation

08:15 ~ Tāntra temple - feminine embodiment

09:30 ~ Breakfast

10:30 ~ Red Springs (Chalice Well) visit

13:00 ~ Packed Lunch

15:30 ~ Goddess Temple Ceremony

18:30 ~ Dinner

20:00 ~ Starlight Samhain Cacao Ceremony (on Glastonbury Tor!)


08:00 ~ Silent morning meditation

08:15 ~ Tāntra temple - feminine embodiment

09:30 ~ Breakfast

10:30 ~ White Springs visit + initiation ritual

13:00 ~ Packed Lunch

16:30 ~ Magdalene Altar Church Visit

18:30 ~ Dinner

20:00 ~ Wild Woman Voice Activation


08:00 ~ Silent morning meditation

08:15 ~ Tāntra temple - feminine embodiment

09:30 ~ Breakfast

10:30 ~ WAKING THE WITCHES Closing Ritual

11:00 ~ Goodbye hugs


  1. While this work may have therapeutic benefits, this is not supposed to be offered instead of, or as a replacement to, therapy. If you are seeking therapy then we encourage you to seek 1-1 support from a qualified psychotherapist. If you are experiencing significant mental health challenges please contact us in advance so that we can have a conversation about whether this retreat is right for you at this time.
  2. There is very little phone reception at the venue and no wifi. We encourage you to take the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and make the arrangements necessary to be immersed in the retreat. We have connected phones for emergencies.
  3. Unfortunately the Healing Waters retreat centre is not yet fully accessible in a wheelchair. We apologise for this and this is something the centre is hoping to acheive in the years to come. If you have extra needs please do let us know.
  4. This retreat includes excursions to sites of interest and energy on the land. There may be walking and weather to contend with so please bring appropriate clothing (warm, dry and functional) to make sure you are supported.
  5. This retreat is open, inviting and accessible to all who identify as WOMAN or WITCH! (lgbtqia+ friendly!)


Glastonbury, Alavon, also known by some as the ‘heart chakra’ of the Earth has magnetised many pilgrims searching for healing and spiritual growth. Located on the intersection of two powerful Ley Lines in southwest England, it has been inhabited since Neolithic Times. Its most dramatic natural feature is the Glastonbury Tor, a conical hill that can be seen for many miles from the surrounding countryside. In addition to being the site of one of the oldest Christian abbeys in England, Glastonbury is also associated with a set of intertwined myths relating to Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Grail, Mary Magdelene and King Arthur.

My own relationship with the mythic place shrouded in the mists of deep time has been ongoing for some years and I often make pilramages to these holy lands to rekindle the divine flame within or give thanks and blessings. I am honoured to be bringing a group to this special place that has so much of my heart. There is so much to discover here and I cannot wait to share this experience with you! Below I have listed some information about some of the special places we will visit.


White Springs ~ It is one of the greatest mysteries of the Isle of Avalon that two different healing springs, one touched red with iron, the other white with calcite, should rise within a few feet of each other from the caverns beneath Glastonbury Tor. Both have healing in their flow. In honour of the Spirit of the White Spring, a Temple has been created here in gratitude for the gift of pure water. A Victorian built Well House that nestles beneath Glastonbury Tor was ideal for this purpose, a blessing indeed. Cavernous and set apart, in blackness or candle lit, mysterious it remains. A wonderful contrast to the sunlit gardens of Chalice Well of the Red Spring. The interior consists of three domed vaults 16ft high, with beautiful bowed floors - like the hull of a boat moored at the portal to the Otherworld. With it's constant temperature, and the sound of the perpetually flowing water, it is a unique and sacred space. A series of pools have been built according to the principles of sacred geometry, and simple shrines in honour of the ancient energies and spirits of Avalon have been created within the temple. All enhanced by the ley line known as the Michael line which flows through this place. We honour Brigid as guardian, Our Lady of Avalon, the King of the Realm of Faery, and their ancient presence in this sacred space. Our ritual blessing here will involve a rite of initiation in the water. You are invited to be skyclad for this ritual (naked!) but may bring a bathing suit if you would rather. Please prepare the body in advance by removing all toxic chemicals and fasting in preparation.

Red Springs ~ At the foot of Glastonbury Tor within a sacred garden there stands The Chalice Well. These beautiful and sacred gardens offer a respite from the everyday, a place for connection, reflection and renewal. Each area of the gardens is distinctly different – ranging from the wide open space of the meadow, to the intimate space around the Wellhead itself. Throughout the garden there are numerous places to sit and enjoy nature, the constant flow of the water, from the wellhead, to the waterfall and the healing pool which is possible to walk through and the flowform and sparkling water running down through the garden.  The trees and flowers show the changing seasons, and the spiritual presence which is so central to the Chalice Well is everywhere. The water here is pure and runs red with the richness of the minerals, or some say the blood of the holy grail that is buried at the Chalice Well, thus giving the site it's sacred name. Another version of the Grail legend suggests that Mary Magdalene herself, or more specifically her womb, could have been the true Holy Grail and that it is Her blood that nourishes these healing waters.

Whether or not any of these legendary stories are true, the Sanctuary of the Magdalene now invites you to dive deeply into these healing waters as you literally and symbolically seek your own Holy Grail. Together we will open the Chalice Well and allow the voices of many forgotten women who have been long in the silent shadows to speak. We will be spending time at the gardens meadering through the beautiful flowers and pausing to reflect by the waters, connecting with the divine feminine energy here and offering thanks to the healing waters of the well.

Glastonbury Tor ~ From a distance the most noticeable feature on the Isle of Avalon is the Tor as She rises out of the flat Summerlands. She sits like a Great Goddess, a huge bounteous female figure in the middle of a landscape bowl or Cauldron. To see Her is to love Her. To the north the Mendip Hills form the rim of the Cauldron while smaller hills lie to the south and east. Stretching out towards the west the land is below sea level. Her Body is bounteous, fleshy, full of dips and folds. Her large belly, hips and thighs emphasise Her full sexual nature. She is the fecund Goddess of Love, Rhiannon, Aphrodite, Venus, the Morning and the Evening Star. She is Kundalini, rising Serpent Goddess of sexual energy and wisdom. She calls all to union, at-onement with Her. She is Goddess of the waxing Moon. She is full of desire, wisdom and creative potential. There are many ancient legends and myths of the ages surrounding the Tor. We will be ascending through the spiralling labrynth upon the Tor's face to reach the tower at Her crown. It is here we will drum and sing together, lead by the soft Samhain moonlight, embraced by the arms of Avalon.

Goddess Temple ~ "THE GODDESS is alive in Glastonbury, visible for all to see in the shapes of the sacred landscape. She is soft as the rounded hills of Her body and sweet as the apple blossom that grows in Her orchards. Here Her love enfolds us every day and Her voice is always near, carried on the wind, whispering through the mists of Avalon. Her Mysteries are as deep as the Cauldron She stirs, taking us down into Her depths and lifting us up to Her heights. She is our Source, our Inspiration and our Love." The Glastonbury Goddess Temple is a modern-day Goddess loving community organisation, dedicated to the worship of the indigenous British Goddess in all of Her many manifesting forms. Living here on the sacred Isle of Avalon, the Glastonbury Goddess community have been re-experiencing and re-imagining the Divine Feminine since the 1980s. Since its inception, the organisation has grown to encompass many other beautiful enterprises and community offerings, set up by Priestesses and Priests of Avalon from the Temple. We will be experiencing a seasonal blessing in this beautiful and special place, delivered by one of the high priestesses of the Glastonbory Goddess Temple. You will also have time to spend in quiet reflection in the temple.

Magdelene Church ~ St Margaret's Church is a beautiful and peaceful healing sanctuary dedicated to Mary Magdelene and St Margeret. We will gather at the Altar of Mary Mary Magdelene here, the original mystic and woman wounded by patriarchal paradigms to reclaim the magic and power of the sleeping feminine deep within. This place is very gentle, special and peaceful. We will gather at the altar to lay roses and sing to the Maria to offer thanks and gratitude for her guidance and healing support.


Healing Waters is a spiritual and healing retreat centre and B&B. We offer a tranquil space for our visitors to enjoy a deeply healing and restful stay. Our facilities are available to people of all spiritual paths and we hold the belief that God is Love, in whatever form people choose to experience the Divine.

We have lovely gardens surrounding the Sanctuary with places to sit and relax. We also have a wonderful 6-acre field with the Healing Spring in the Centre and the Community Healing Gardens where we grow lots of organic vegetables for use by the Sanctuary and the community. You are welcome to come and visit them as part of your stay, and to purchase vegetables from us.  And if you are lucky you may see deer roaming in the early mornings or some of the other lovely wildlife that live in the field.

We will have full, private use of the sanctuary during our stay including the gardens and yoga/meditation spaces. We will be gathering outside in the gardens and in the purpose-built yurt temple with logburner and candlelight shimmer.


We have a few accomodation options for a comfortable and supported retreat journey. All accomodation options are shared bathrooms, but the bathrooms are close by and we have three of them so plenty of space for everybody! We also have an incredible, luxury Chromatherapy Colourful Whirlpool Jacuzzi Bath for use during the weekend.

~ The Gardenia Room (sharing room)

This nurturing and warming room is across the hall from than the meditation room and has the same beautiful view across the levels, a great view of the world famous Glastonbury Tor and an additional homely extra, your very own fireplace! Two single beds constitute this sweet and homely space.

*There is an additional charge for the fuel for the fire of £10 per day if you'd like to use the fire.

~ The Iris Room (private room)

The Iris room is a calm and quiet space with a glorious double bed that looks out to a view of Wearyall Hill and the site of the Holy Thorn. This room catches the warming beautiful glow of the afternoon sun. This is a beautiful private space with a big double bed for a little more luxury.

~ The Peony Room (sharing room)

The light and airy Peony room is South Facing with two windows providing a far-reaching view of the somerset levels and the world famous Glastonbury Tor. This room catches the beautiful Somerset sunrise and is full of sunshine all day, proving it is a sunny day! The Peony Room has one single bed and one double bed available to book, so will be a sharing space.

~ The Jasmine Room (sharing room)

The Jasmine room is a spacious group room with four single beds and lots of light due to its two windows. Being on the ground floor, it is ideally situated to access the bathroom with the Chromatherapy Colourful Whirlpool Bath!


All meals are included in the cost of retreat and please know that we take food very seriously – you will be well fed!  Food being the staff of life and good food vital for good health, we offer the possibility of fresh organic produce from our gardens when in season. Other than that we try to provide organic, vegetarian food for meals according to availability.

Herbal tea, juice and fresh smoothies will be provided but coffee and wine will not. There is no alcohol or meat/fish products allowed on site so please bear this in mind if you are planning on bringing your own food.

There are also plenty of lovely cafés and coffee shops in Glastonbury town centre if you are feeling called to exploring!

Please bring along a lunchbox and water bottle so you can receive your packed lunch for the days we will be spending out exploring.


Please note - the cost of travel is not included in the price of the retreat.

~ Public Transport

We create a whatsapp group in advance so that you can arrange a lift share or taxi share with other women on the retreat.

~ Driving

We will have a (free) private carpark available for our use for the whole weekend. Address provided upon booking.


Jasmine Room (single bed) ~ £595pp

Gardenia Room (single bed) ~ £625 pp

Peony Room (single bed) ~ £695pp

Peony Room (double bed) ~ £725pp

Iris Room (double bed) ~ £825 pp

Non-refundable deposit of £125 payable upon booking to reserve your spot.

Payment plans available – please email us to arrange a plan that suits you.

Contact Molly on for more information.


~ 3 nights accommodation

~ 4 days of workshops, ritual, ceremony and reclamation

~ Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, juices and herbal teas

~ Cacao, Mugwort and plant medicines

~ Excursions to Red & White Springs, Magdelene Church and Glastonbury Tor

~ Goddess Temple Ceremony

~ Goodie bag full of Avalon treats and keepsakes


My name is Molly. I am a sound healer, sacred songstress, Yogini and musician.

I hold a deep reverence for the ancient powers of sound, music, sacred song and ceremony in a world that has lost its love for magic. My intention is to help empower you to step into your own unique frequency and return to the beautiful resonance of your own heart - radiating your light and lifting the collective conscious vibration.

I work primarily with the ancient, healing arts of sound, voice, music medicine along with the sacred stories and wild landscapes of our ancestral songs - to help guide you back to your heart and the simple beauty available in the present moment.

I have devoted, and continue to devote, years to self evolution, study, development of my practices and carry vast integration of my own journey - as well as teachings, tools and techniques passed down by worlds greatest practitioners. ​My work today is an exploration of therapeutic sound, shamanic healing arts, yogic philosophy and the heart medicine of music to offer a personalised experience of transformation, and an invitation to reframe, manifest and alchemise your reality into vibrational alignment - enabling you to become that which you dream.

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