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It is my heartfelt intention to offer you loving spaces in which to explore and refine the beautiful healing arts that I have come to adore so reverently. 

My work combines my love of ceremony and ritual with a heart-centred, individual approach to learning - meaning we ebb and flow with the energetics of each unique constellation of learners as opposed to following a rigid curriculum. This is the feminine way. 

Through my own in-depth explorations over the last seven years I have come to a place where I feel called to share my insights and wisdom with those who feel the call to learn.


My offerings are a blend of my most beloved practices - exploring the mediums of sound, voice, music, embodiment, ceremony, ritual and sacred circle to help you confidently shine your light and share your own unique gifts with the world. 

I currently run three separate programmes for you to explore. Take a look below for more information and I look forward to meeting you soon. 



raise your vibration

Learn the ancient art of sound healing in an empowering and holistic way. You will be guided through a 6-month container with 3 x in-person weekends (London), coursework and submissions to refine your inner listening and step onto mystic the path of the healer. 

Enrolments now open for 2024. Hit the button below to explore. 



walk your authentic path

This 12-week group immersion provides a deep and loving container to explore the ancient craft of holding women's circle. We will walk the ancient path trodden for us by the wise women and elders who came before, and tend to the wounds that have been gouged over a millennia of suppressing the feminine way. We will go into the fires of love together and learn to hold space for all of it. Unconditionally.



your soul song

This course is a deep dive into the expression of your authentic voice, archetypes and inner alchemy. 5 x group calls are included in this training, alongside a coursework portal, journaling prompts, exercises and container to support your opening.

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