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Welcome wild soul,


I am Molly-Anne. Sound healer, sacred musician, songstress, Tantrika, Yoginī and wild earth daughter.


I hold a deep reverence for the ancient powers of sound, sacred song, somatics and ceremony in a world that has lost its connection to magic. My intention is to help you awaken to the cosmic resonance of all-that-is, radiating your light in love and service to the ever changing and to your wild spirit.


I work with the ancient, feminine healing arts of sound, voice and embodiment along with the sacred stories and wild landscapes of our ancestral songs - to help guide you back to your heart and the simple beauty available in the present moment.

I have devoted, and continue to devote, years to sadhana, study, development of my practices and carry vast integration of my own journey - as well as teachings, tools and transmissions passed down by some of the worlds greatest scholars and practitioners. 


My work today is an exploration of vibrational sound, Non Dual Shaiva Tantra, women's ritual and healing arts, ancient folk wisdom of the British Isles and the heart medicine of music and sacred song - woven through the lineages of the One Tradition that I have been so far blessed to receive teachings from.

I offer private work within the UK and online - as well as offering group workshops, events, retreats around the world.

About Us

I have had a life enriched and supported with music, nature and the creative arts. A childhood full of magical forests, rolling landscapes and the soft silence of the rural countryside the rhythms and songs of my Brettonic ancestors were alive all around. Music has been a part of my story through my whole life, helping me navigate through times both dark and light.


My healing journey began when I first stepped on a Yoga mat in my early 20's - burnt out and self-critical, filled with body dysmorphia and disordered eating - that moment of sanctuary changed my life forever.


Over time I learnt to return to the temple of my own heart through the discover of Non Dual Tantrik Yoga, ancestral song, voice alchemy, vibrational sound healing, meditation, the medicine of the plants and women's ritual healing practices, tuning in to the vast, creative consciousness - teaching me to move beyond the mind and towards a higher truth - revealing the wisdom found in the gaps between.

My path has been woven with many threads and I have had the great pleasure of studying under some of the world's leading teachers within their fields.


I now help other women walk this path of reclamation, offering solace and guidance to those who seek to rediscover their wild, divine and authentic selves. The self that dwells equally within each of us. I offer this work with love and great dedication in service to the awakening of all.


If you're feeling the call to work with me - read on...





Embodied, holistic voice work to explore and awaken the truth of your heart.


Sound baths, sacred song, 1-to-1 sound healing and sound healer trainings.


Yoga classes, ecstatic dance, somatics and embodied movement practices - for supporting you.


Deeper immersions, adventures and escapes for those craving wild landscapes.


Songwriting retreats, workshops, musical creations and sonic offerings from my heart.

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