Who am I?

Hello, I’m Molly


I’m a Yoga teacher, musician, singer-songwriter, sound healer and artist. 

Welcome to my world. 

To me, everything is vibration.

Every laugh

Every touch

Every song

Alight with the resonance of life

A quiet pulse

Like the thump of a beating heart.

All my life I’ve been amazed by the powerful force of music.

To take our breath away and make us remember who we truly are.

To hold us and soothe us.

Nurture and love us, like no other.

In my world Sound is the healer.

She has the power to make us quiver with joy,

Shatter us like stained glass,

Invigorate us,

And build us a new world echoing with mystery.

We can dance to her rhythmic pulse

The ecstatic alchemising of body and breath

Harmonising within the vibration of Life’s rich tapestry

This world I speak of,

It's everywhere. All around us.

All we have to do is listen.

Yoga with me is soulful, light-hearted and fluid, focusing on not only the physical aspects of the practice also on the meditative, philosophical and spiritual elements that help us to embody Yoga when we step off the mat.


I feel strongly about allowing people a safe space and offering the right guidance to unpick and return to their authentic and embodied voice. I incorporate instruments and sacred sounds into my classes, music is the language of the soul. I love to weave a rich tapestry of blissful soundscape for you to explore, combining the soaring tones of gongs, crystal bowls, singing bowls, chimes and voice. 

To me, this is true Yoga. 


My spaces are open, sacred and supportive. Intentionally designed for my students to safely explore themselves and their experience of that moment, with no expectations or judgement. My classes are interlaced with traditional teachings as well as a focus on balancing the energetic body with the Elemental and Chakra systems. Everyone welcome. 

Prepare to leave my spaces feeling invigorated, energised and full of sparkle! 

​ Your moment is now. Are you ready for transformation?

What I offer

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Molly Anne Chinner

Email: Molly.chinner@gmail.com

Phone: +44 7495 710203

London, UK

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+44 7495 710203


London, England

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