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If you have found this page you are answering the call of something deep within you. An ancient magick is stirring...


My name is Molly. I specialise in women's work - offering leadership, guidance and solidarity to others walking the path of re-wilding, connection and liberation. I hold a deep reverence for the ancient powers of song, sound, circle, embodiment and ceremony in a world that has lost its love for magick. My intention is to empower you to step into your own unique alignment and return to the beautiful guidance of your own heart - radiating your light and lifting the collective conscious vibration. 


I work with the healing arts of soma, sound healing, voice, womb, music, breath and the power of the plants - to help you experience the magic within. My path is to honour the existence of light and dark within us all. Aligning with the energetic cycles of the seasons, lunar month and astrological movements - my intention is to allow you a direct path to cosmic and internal alignment. I have devoted, and continue to devote, years to self evolution, study, development of my practices and carry vast integration of my own journey - as well as teachings, tools and techniques passed down by worlds greatest practitioners.

My work today is a mixture of traditional British folk healing, eastern philosophy, shamanic womb arts and contemporary practices focused around the immense powers of music, sound, voice, embodiment and meditation - offering a personalised pathway to transformation and inviting you to reframe, manifest and alchemise your reality into vibrational alignment, enabling you to become that which you dream.

I offer private healing work in the UK and worldwide - as well as offering group workshops, events, retreats around the world.

About Us

My journey began when I first stepped on a Yoga mat. As a teenager, burnt out and over-burdened that moment of stillness and sanctuary changed my life forever.


Over time I was learnt to worship at the altar of myself through the healing mediums of Yoga, music, sound, meditation, shamanic healing, womb medicine and tuning in to the vast consciousness of the plants - teaching me to move beyond the mind and towards a higher truth - revealing the wisdom found in stillness.

My path has been woven with many threads and I have had the great pleasure of studying under some of the world's leading practitioners in the fields of sacred music, Yoga, sound healing, meditation, shamanic arts, womb healing, women's leadership and embodiment.


I now help others walk this path of reclamation, offering solace and guidance to women who seek to rediscover their wild, divine and authentic selves. I offer this work with love and great dedication.


If you're feeling the call to work with me - read on...

Green Forest




Heart centred sounds - from mine to yours.


Sound baths, sound healer training and 1:1 sound healing.


Circle, reclaim and re-wild with our community in sacred ceremony.


Deeper immersions for those craving wild landscapes.


Start your journey of discovering your own leadership.

"Working with Molly has helped me to release so much I didn't realise I was holding onto. I have rediscovered my wild and authentic voice and have formed a blossoming, new relationship with my body that I am finding so much joy in. If I can make a suggestion to anyone who might be feeling a bit lost and unsure - it was the best decision I ever made."   - Victoria, London


Molly Anne Chinner


Phone: +44 7495 710203

London, UK

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