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An unforgettable 7 day retreat to the ancient myth and mysticism of the Maltese islands

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Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

If you have found this page you are feeling the call of something deeper stirring under the surface. An old and profound awakening is occurring within you and all around you. You feel the call of the ancient Goddess whispering to you through the eons. Inviting you to remember HER and to remember your own, ancient power. 

This is a call to all who feel called to respond to the call of the Goddess. You are invited to join Molly & Mela on the mythic lands of Malta + Gozo for 7 days of rewilding, reclaimation, feminine embodiment, sisterhood, plant medicine ceremony, ritual, storytelling, sound immersion and ancient HERstory.


There was a time when women were acknowledged as medicine keepers of the sacred mysteries of life. 

Temples were built all over the world to honour the Goddess, and it was commonly known that through the womb center of a woman she had a special connection to the primordial power of creation. 

Much of the feminine wisdom was forgotten and hidden to the public when the patriarchal society took form, but this is now rapidly changing on the planet. Modern women are now awakening to the Goddess within, remembering ancestral medicine and their true essence.

This moment in time offers us the opportunity to delve deeply beneath the surface - rooting into the sacred energy of the feminine wisdom on these lands and the rememberence of ancient ancestral medicine. 

During the retreat we will deeply connect and celebrate our femininity by rooting into HERstory and embodying different aspects of the Goddess that will help us unlock our higher purpose and inner wisdom.


This retreat summons a supportive circle of women to find presence, community and empowerment whilst nestled in the arms of one of Europes most beautiful sacred islands. 

Malta is one of our most beloved destinations - renowned for its sacred temple sites and HERstory, Mediterranean culture, unique spiritual heritage, and sacred goddess temples. 



Throughout the week you will be invited to experience a number of practices, rituals and initiations for you to connect and go deeper into to the radiant beauty that lies within and without. 

  • Women's Lunar Arts, Ceremony + Ritual
  • Feminine Embodiment 
  • Shakti Dance Activation 
  • Pole Dance + Deep Flow Vinyasa 
  • Yoni/Womb Yoga Awakening 
  • Voice Activation + Sacred Song Circle
  • Women's Sharing + Intimacy Circles
  • Shamanic Drumming Journeys
  • Heart Opening Cacao + Rose Ceremonies
  • Sacred Sexuality + Pleasure 
  • Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls
  • Full Spectrum Breathwork Explorations
  • Ancient Sites Excursions*
  • Guided Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Nature Connection, Ocean Swimming, Breathtaking Landscapes, 

*Excursion sites may vary dependent on availability and accessibility. 



Day 1 Arrival ~ Altar Weaving ~ Intention Setting

Day 2 Remembering HERstory

Day 3 Maiden ~ Sacred Sexuality ~ 

Day 4 Mother ~ Nourishment ~ 

Day 5 Priestess ~ Empowerment ~

Day 6 Crone ~ Wisdom ~ 

Day 7 Embodying Feminine Wisdom ~ Departure

*schedule is subject to change 


Sound Magic + Journeying

Soundwaves are the building blocks of our universe and as people (per/son • sonic being) we are fundamentally beings woven with the threads of frequency and vibration. For many thousands of years, ancients have recognised the power of sound and music to awaken consciousness and in communion with the natural world. Over the course of the retreat we will be working with an uplifting soundtrack of healing sounds. You will be guided to rest in an ocean of precision healing sound waves - riding the ancient wisdom of the singing bowls and voice to lead you deep within. 

Cacao Ceremony*

We will be aligning with the powerful medicines of Mama Cacao and Grandmother Rose. The whispers of this beautiful and ancient medicine can help us to access a deeper, somatic wisdom and listen to the music of our own hearts. You will be offered integrative and theraputic support throughout the weekend to embody the teachings of these wise plant spirits, helping to soothe and release the nervous system with holistic healing and sisterhood. 

*Please let us know ASAP if you are pregnant/breastfeeding/taking SSRIs or other medications or have a serious medical or mental health condition. 

Conscious Connected Breathwork

"Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts." 

Connect the dots with beautiful breathwork immersions set to deep, entrancing soundscapes and blissful beats. Breath work can help us regulate the nervous system, relieve stress and tension and connect to our inner harmony. You will be guided to meet the spirit of air and unlock your bliss states with extended breath work explorations, evoking explorations of mind, body and consciousness. 


We will be weaving with the medicine of movement, breathing and connecting with cycles, rhythms - deeply embodying the vast within. These practices will guide you to explore the outer edges of your being, opening all the parts of you that feel tight or resistant and allowing the sacred waters to flow. Our practices will weave through Yoga, sensual dance, pole dance, Shakti activation, Womb Yoga, Yin Yoga and beyond. All abilities, body types, ages will be catered for.

Nature Connection

We are blessed to be nestled softly in the arms of sweet mama Gozo. Surrounded by glittering ocean, sun-drenched architecture and set under a twinkling night sky you will be able to fully unplug, switch off and enjoy connecting with the vast beauty of nature. With nightly stargazing under an endless sky and gentle mornings sipping herbal tea as the golden sunlight leaks in - you'll be guided to rewild your life through reconnection with land, spirit and heart. 

Sharing Circles

Sharing circles are an ancient practice and place for us to be held, heard, seen and supported. We don't have enough spaces where we can speak honestly, authentically and without fear of judgement. When we share in held spaces such as this we often find release in speaking the words aloud, and comfort in hearing our stories reflected back to us in the experiences of others. We will spend time softly reflecting, sharing authentically and journaling each day to meditate upon our own, and the collective, healing. 


  1. While this work may have therapeutic benefits, this is not supposed to be offered instead of, or as a replacement to, therapy. If you are seeking therapy then we encourage you to seek 1-1 support from a qualified psychotherapist. If you are experiencing significant mental health challenges please contact us in advance so that we can have a conversation about whether this retreat is right for you at this time.
  2. There is very little phone reception at the venue. We encourage you to take the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world, and to fully immerse yourself in nature.
  3. Some activities may be offered OUTSIDE at sacred sites or in caves. We are encouraging our retreat communities to let go and immerse themselves back into the arms of the mama earth  - however please take into consideration Mediterranean weather conditions (hot, dry sun) and the possibility of insect bites. 
  4. Please let us know if you have any conditions, injuries, illnesses as you are booking. Certain practices and plant medicines are unsuitable for those who are taking SSRIs, suffering with mental health conditions or taking medications. Let us know asap if you need to discuss anything with us. 


Gozo is an island that contains some of the oldest temples found on the Earth today. These temples were built to honour the Great Mother Goddess and would have been sites of immense feminine power. 

Nestled in the twinkling blue Mediterranean Ocean and drenched in warm, golden sunshine, Gozo is a beautiful that vibrates with life and immense beauty. With a long cultural history and famous for its ancient temples and underwater caves, Gozo boasts some of the best diving in Europe and breathtaking, rugged landscapes. 

We will not only be spending our days together at a beautiful retreat centre on Gozo, but we will also get to visit Ġgantija, an immense temple built to the Goddess based in Gozo, as well as excursions to other sites of interest (Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, Għar Dalam Cave, Ħaġar Qim Megalithic Temple...) 

*excursions may be subject to change due to availability and accessibility.



*(all inclusive of £250 non-refundable deposit)

Payment plans available – please email us to arrange a plan. Contact Molly on for more information.


All meals are included in the cost of retreat and please know that we take food very seriously – you will be well fed! 

Amazing chef Jeni England will be bringing us a delicious vegetarian menu packed full of seasonal and delicious veggies, grains, and pulses. Expect abundant, nourishing feasts for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners made from scratch using sustainable and local ingredients.

The food provided will be mainly vegan and gluten free with some possible local dairy and egg options depending on seasonal availability and request. Herbal tea will be provided but coffee and wine will not be (Maltese wine is famous so you may want to try some!)

Please let us know as soon as you can if you have any food intolerances/dietaries/allergies. We can cater to most dietary requirements, please let us know of any when you book. 


Please know - the cost of travel is not included in the price of the retreat. 

More info about travel TBC


- Molly Anne Chinner @mollyannechinner (Feminine Embodiment, Sound Healing, Womb Awakening, Cacao, Sacred Song)

Molly is a Yoga + meditation teacher (800RYT), cacao guardian, feminine embodiment guide, sound therapist and healer - specialising in women's work - offering leadership, guidance and solidarity to others walking the path of re-wilding, connection and liberation. 

She holds a deep reverence for the ancient powers of song, sound, circle, feminine embodiment and ceremony in a world that has lost its love for magick. She works with the healing arts of Yoga, sound healing, voice, womb, meditation, breath and the power of the plants - to help you experience the magic within and without. Aligning with the energetic cycles of the seasons, lunar month and astrological movements - her intention is to allow you a direct path to cosmic and internal alignment. 

- Mela Fismer @mysticmela

(Yoga, Pole Dance, Shakti Dance, Breath Work, Sound Healing, Cacao) 

Mela discovered yoga in her teens. After health problems affected her parents that she felt could have been prevented by being more aware and connected to their bodies, she felt compelled to stay connected with her mind, body and spirit and guide others to do so. 

With 17 years of yoga teaching under her wing, Mela is a certified Senior Yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. She trained in Hatha Yoga Foundations/Advanced 2006/2009, Bikram 2011, Forrest Yoga Foundations/Advanced 2013/2014, Sound Healing & Pole Fitness 2018, Shakti Dance 2019, Transformational Breath-work & Yin 2022. She's also trained in injury modification. In 2013 she took a pledge to help mend the hoop of the people & this is her life’s work. She offers weekly gatherings, cacao ceremonies, sound healing with shakti dance & embodied moment. She is an animal cruelty activist and enjoys spending time with her French bulldog, cat and bearded dragon. 

In class, you'll find a sense of freedom and spiritual connection as Mela encourages you to go to your edge with care & compassion. Prepare to get deep, work hard and have fun.

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