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Women’s Circle's are an ancient practice and place for women to be held, heard, seen and supported. We don't have enough spaces where we can speak honestly, authentically and without fear of judgement. When we share in held spaces such as this we often find release in speaking the words aloud, and comfort in hearing our stories reflected back to us in the experiences of other.

We offer this women's circle as a way to empower and awaken ourselves and to form deep connections with those around us. This supports us to go deeper into the work of rewilding and reclamation, where we can begin to transmute and process our experiences on a somatic, and soul level.

A women's circle is a truly sacred space and container for those who attend to be witnessed without fear or judgement. A space free from judgement, competition, demands, expectation, pressure or noise. In circle everyone is equal and we can be together authentically, and in trust.

The women's circle is a refuge. A space for all to be together in loving trust, initiating ourselves back into the ancient feminine way.

Our spaces are open and welcoming for anyone who identifies as female or with the female experience, including non-binary womb folk, queer and trans women. 

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Gather in the Virtual Realm

Gather with us on the New and Full Moons of the month, alongside other Sabbats and astrological moments, to honour ourselves within the container of a sacred sisterhood. Circling in this way on the lunar cycle allows us to tap back into our own cyclic nature and honour ourselves fully as we are -whilst paying attention to the energy of the moment.


Circles are offered by donation with no questions asked.

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Join us

Join one of our magical in-person events in London and beyond. We meet regularly at some of London's most beautiful spots to rest, breathe, move, drink medicine, share and be together in sacred space. These are truly magical and transformational experiences that have the power to guide you deeper into inner alchemy, in the arms of a sacred sisterhood.



Sacred Sisterhood

The Sacred Sisterhood is an online space for women all across the the globe to come together within the container of a sacred circle. An expanding community on whatsapp providing a safe space for all to explore, share, celebrate, gather and support one another.

Membership is totally free. Hit the button below to show your interest in joining the sacred sisterhood.

No upcoming events at the moment
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