How Yoga can help your business...

Modern research suggests that Yoga is a huge mood booster and can effectively increase efficiency in the workplace. Yoga encourages large boosts in concentration, focus, drive, happiness and general well-being along with endless physical benefits.  

Often mistaken for a fitness trend, Yoga can offer all the benefits of a physical movement practice, but with so many more layers in addition. Yoga is the pursuit of union within the mind, body and spirit, through the language of the breath. The practice of Yoga can help teach important life skills including mindfulness and breath-control techniques to help practitioners work towards their fully realised potential. 

Want to inject some chill into your workplace?

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"Molly's classes are approached with expertise and empathy. Molly supports you through the classes, encouraging but never pushing. Personally, I thought I would never be flexible enough for yoga, my sports have shortened my muscles, but I have been proven wrong and do see a marked improvement in my movements. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Molly!." - Sue, 2020