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You were born with a bold and beautiful voice. The songs of your ancestors run through your blood and bones. Life is a magnificent symphony and the voice of the Earth is alive all around us. Whether you think you can sing or not, music is a part of all of us.

Working with the voice can help us to heal the wounds that have kept us small for so long. To awaken the wild roar that has laid dormant inside for millennia. It's time to reignite the flame of humanity that is rising in us collectively.

We sing to awaken our hearts

We sing to heal our communities

We sing to rouse the sleeping feminine

We sing to the spirit of the Earth

We sing for all those who cannot

We sing for those who came before us

We sing for the witches, the wise ones, our ancestors

We sing for those who do not have a voice

We sing because we can


Let this be a prayer to all to feel safe and held by the earth and stars, by the lineage of our humanity, to open ourselves once again to be channels of healing and love. To be instruments of the Divine. To flow with the depths and the heights like water, and to create exsquisite beauty on Earth. Listen deeper, your voice is sacred.

When we use our voice to connect with the purest, highest essence of our being… we can unfurl it’s magic and allow it to sound through us. We resonate at it’s frequency and remind every vibrating particle in our being of our truth, power and full potential.

If you are a complete beginner or a seasoned performer, this work will help you to open up to your deep soul creativity and find your true authentic and beautiful voice.



awaken your voice

I offer bespoke 1:2:1 voice activation mentorships for those who are looking to awaken their soul sound. 

No experience necessary - whether you are new on the path or an experienced vocalist this work can help you deepen your relationship to your voice, heart, womb and awaken your powerful voice.

We clear any blocks holding you back from your full expression, by journeying deeply into your truth. From this place we then open the voice as a tool for authentic expression, communication, purpose and celebration of your sovereignty.



find your soul songs

In these signature group explorations, you will be guided through whatever is blocking your truthful expression to become more powerful in your authentic voice. This is the alchemical work ~ the activation of raw and heart-felt expression that will ripple out to touch all aspects of your life. Activating the voice opens the heart-throat portal to higher expressions of truth, clears blockages for healing, and even activates your creativity and self-confidence.

We will be using the alchemy of the five elements to move deeper into reclaiming the vibrant and powerful expressions just waiting to be reclaimed.

For those interested in being held in a sacred container of powerful sound.



deepen your flow

Our songwriting retreats are creatively and artfully curated to be accessible to anybody who is interested in reclaiming their unique gift of song.

We spend weekends in beautiful, off-grid eco spaces in the rural parts of the UK to connect with the Earth, to our roots, to our community and most importantly - back to ourselves. 

Our retreats will help you uncover the magic that is waiting to be discovered and find your inner flow - allowing you to create from a place of authenticity, without judgement or criticism in a supportive circle of women.


We offer retreats to some of the most mystical and beautiful parts of the UK for weekends drenched in myth, magic and storytelling. Tap the button below to explore upcoming retreats. 

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