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5 week elemental activation through the healing magic of the sacred voice.

The voice is a divine portal that connects the worlds of above and below (divine and earthly), within and without.


The voice is a source of infinite power and cosmic, creative energy. Through consciously connecting to the voice we can activate our intuitive gifts, purpose, joy, creativity and soul song. The voice can also hold trauma, heaviness, patriarchal pain and suppressed emotions that we hold through our lives. It becomes a blocked energetic space within us making us forget our power and become smaller.

Each session is unique, devoted to your individual needs and sacred womb space. It is guided intuitively depending on your needs and abilities but the focus is always on bringing awareness and connection to your womb, voice and supporting you to connect with your divine feminine essence. This course is a deep dive into the attunement of your authentic voice, the energetics of singing, improvisation and the voice as a tool for inner alchemy.


5 x group calls are included in this training, including ceremony with Ecuadorian Cacao. All of this is supported with a information book packed with information, exercises and journaling prompts that you will have lifetime access to.


In this course, you will be guided through whatever is blocking your truthful expression to become more powerful in your authentic voice. This is the alchemical work ~ the activation of raw and heart-felt expression that will ripple out to touch all aspects of your life. Activating the voice opens the womb-heart-throat to higher expressions of truth, clears blockages for healing, and even activates your creativity and self-confidence.


We will open our sacred space through drinking the beautiful plant medicine of ceremonial Cacao. Whilst Cacao integrates you will be guided through a gentle yet powerful healing journey through sounding, prayer, ritual, meditation, sound healing, vocal toning and medicine songs. Most importantly the intention is to allow you to connect with your soul's voice.


When we unlock our true voice, we are healing the body, mind and heart while simultaneously transforming resistance, pain and trauma into treasure. Your voice was made to heal you through the power of deep, tonal vibration. 


Through practical application of the voice and play, as well as exploration of embodied voice as elemental archetypes, you will peel open with support, control, and confidence. My ultimate goal is for you to find your own authentic expression and feel powerful in your truthful sound.


If you have found this page, something is calling you in. Listen deeper, your voice is sacred.


What does this training include?

  • 5 x weekly group calls (zoom) 

  • 1 x opening + 1 x closing ceremony

  • Supporting information booklet, journaling, meditations + mp3s

  • Course portal with extra material and lifetime access

  • Personalised Ceremonial Cacao gift box

  • Access to Discord support group and circle


Week 1 - Earth {Roots, intentionality, nourishment, safety, anchoring}

Week 2 - Water {womb, flow, creativity, ancestral wisdom, feeling}

Week 3 - Air {heart, ceremony, ritual, non-judgement, devotion, divinity}

Week 4 - Fire {throat, transformation, alchemy, surrender, truth}

Week 5 - Spirit {finding and freeing your soul song, improvisation}

Who is this activation for?

This activation is for all women and womb folk who would like to move deeper into activating the sacred voice.


I use a combination of techniques from across my expertise - shamanic women's work, yogic tools, embodiment, chanting, nada yoga, movement, breath-work, meditation, sound healing, re-wilding, classical singing and medicine song - to provide you with a structure to explore your amazing voice, offering you the tools to take this work deeper through your life.


What do I need?

Commitment to the course and to personal growth

Access to the internet + zoom


Open mind + heart

Investment + Getting Started

£333 investment*

To get started hit the button below to begin your journey. 

*Payment plans, deposits and scholarships available to a selected number of students who need it. Please state on your application email that you would like to be considered for a scholarship.

Not sure? Try it out!

This three-hour workshop will guide you through a sample of some of the exercises you can expect to encounter on the 5-week course. Enjoy!

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