Do you have a story that is waiting to be told?

I am looking to work with wellbeing professionals, small brands, independent businesses and creative individuals who's voice resonates with my own. I offer an individual service that seeks to reveal the beauty and heart within the intricate details of your stories. I am not experienced in the world of corporate advertisement but I do have a passion for story-telling and heartfelt authenticity. 

I have worked with a number of ethical and sustainable brands producing social media content and telling their stories.

I'd love to help you tell yours. 

I'm passionate about wellbeing and sustainability in all aspects of life and pride myself on only working with brands and individuals that also hold these standards. I specialise in photography for social media, image editing and creative word. I favour an outdoor lifestyle and my image style represents that. I use little studio equipment and prefer shooting outdoors with natural light. My style is earthy and emotive - in both writing and image. I love to capture moments of pureness and find the most authentic beauty lies in the intricacies. It's all in the details. I love working with real people and keep retouching of skin, bodies, marks and faces to an absolute minimum. The power is in the truth. 

Click here to see my portfolio of previous works or check out my Instagram.

Let's create something truly unique together. Get in touch, I'd love to hear from you. 

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