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Sound is the most incredible, healing and powerful force in the universe.

Join us on a journey to tap into the human potential of sonic healing and the immense power of vibration, frequency, voice and digital sound.

Across this comprehensive 200-hour self-paced, online training you will be guided to experience the pure magic of sound and resonance. 

Offering a unique exploration of sound and our own methodology through the lens of non-dual tantric philosophy and sound as medicine, you will learn to create proficient digital soundscapes, use crystal singing bowls, open your voice and everything in-between, you will graduate as a confident keeper and guardian of this ancient wisdom.



Over the course of a 200 hour comprehensive, virtual and self-paced training portal along with supporting case studies, assessments and submissions you will learn the fundamental principles, instruments and techniques within the world of healing sound, select your own instruments, expand your unique voice, get familiar with Ableton, live looping and dive deeply into the mystery that lies within.


This training equips you to connect deeply with your consciousness and creativity, harnessing the power of your own unique gifts and authentic voice to offer the beauty of your sonic medicine to the world.

There is also the option to add on in-person 1-2-1 tuition with Molly at her private sound healing studio in Hertfordshire.


  • ​Online SELF-PACED 200 hour comprehensive course portal (up to 2 years to complete coursework for accreditation)

  • Digital, analogue, contemporary, traditional and voice techniques

  • In depth reading assignments, submissions and reflections

  • Supporting case studies to be completed for accreditation

  • Tuition on various sound healing instruments (crystal singing bowls, drums, percussion, chimes...)

  • Proficiency tuition on basic DAW (Ableton), synths & MIDI

  • Voice activation, mantra, medicine music, light language

  • Access to WhatsApp support group community

  • Monthly virtual Q+A's with course tutors

  • 4 x 1-to-1 sessions online with course tutors​ (Molly & Sean)

Singing Bowl
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This course was very well organised and had a good balance of self-study as well as practical time. Molly made me feel really safe and gave me as many resources and support as I could possibly ask for. I was also grateful that the course included enough meditation practice along with scientific and historical background. Personally, I’d also say this course was life changing for me as it made me appreciate the world in a different manner. Everything is vibration, everything is alive and to learn this art is a blessing.

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 22.59.11.png


Not only did I learn so much about sound healing, Molly held such a powerful space for us to be creative, vulnerable and curious. Her knowledge as well as Sean's superceded my expectations. I've only now scratched the surface of this journey. I'm looking forward to more trainings with Molly.

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 23.01.33.png


The intro to sound healing training has provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge on the history, cultural roots and science of sound healing, as well as practical experience playing instruments, using my voice and facilitating sound healing sessions.


Molly has been such a great teacher and mentor throughout the course, offering the guidance and tools to connect with the practice, and exploring her collection of beautiful instruments in such a fun and nurturing container. Molly thoughtfully weaved her gifts of holding ceremony and creating a safe space with an informative course structure and practical toolkit.


I have graduated the course with the confidence and knowledge to begin my sound healing journey, and I have also come away with a deeper connection to myself and sound. Thank you Molly!


£666 full payment OR 3 x monthly instalments of £222

Some scholarships available for those from intersectionally challenged circumstances. Please enquire on to request an application form for the scholarship.

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