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∇voice of the womb (first session)∇

Clear, connect with and heal the energetic womb and voice space.

  • 2 hours
  • 188 British pounds
  • At my healing spaces in North London or Hertfordshire, or your place!

Service Description

The womb is a divine portal that connects the worlds of above and below (divine and earthly), within and without. The womb is a source of infinite power and cosmic, creative energy. Through consciously connecting to the womb we can activate our intuitive gifts, purpose, joy, sensuality, creativity and alignment. The womb can also hold trauma, heaviness, patriarchal pain and suppressed emotions that we hold through our lives. It becomes a heavy space within us when we allow these energetic blocks to build up. I believe this is part of the reason why women and womb-bearers have been experiencing so much dis-ease within our contemporary age. We have stopped listening to the voice of the womb. Our voice and womb spaces are seemingly interconnected in so many ways. From the physical similarities between the larynx and uterus, to incredible phenomena of the webs of membranes, tissues and fascia connecting throat and womb. When we relax our jaw and the pelvis automatically releases and relaxes too. They are inherently connected in so many ways. We have forgotten the voice of the womb. The voice of the long lost feminine rising from the depths of the deep, fertile, cosmic darkness. WHAT TO EXPECT? Each session is unique, devoted to your individual needs and sacred womb space. It is guided intuitively depending on your needs but the focus is always on bringing embodiment and awareness to your womb, voice and supporting you to connect with your divine feminine essence. We will open the sacred space with smoke and drink the beautiful plant medicine of ceremonial cacao. Whilst cacao integrates I will guide you through a gentle yet powerful healing journey through ritual, oil massage, sound healing, vocal toning and releasing breath. Most importantly the intention is to allow you to connect with the voice of your womb. I weave sound frequencies throughout the entire journey to support your process. I work closely with alchemy crystal bowls attuned to the womb and endocrine system, plus tuning forks both on and off the body for blissfully accurate resonance. WHO IS THIS SESSION FOR? ▽ This offering is for women and womb-bearers ▽ If you do not have a physical womb or are past the age of bleeding - you can still connect to the energetic womb space and receive potent medicine. DETAILS ▽ 1 x free 30 minute initial video phone call to discuss your intentions. ▽ First session - 2 hours ▽ Follow up sessions - 1 hour

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please leave at least 12 hours before class begins. If you cancel within this timeframe without extenuating circumstances you may still incur the charge for the class/session you were attending.

Contact Details

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London, UK