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Re-tune your energy with solfeggio tuning forks, gentle massage and sound therapy.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 88 British pounds
  • Gloucestershire

Service Description

Tuning forks are an accurate way to re-attune the mind, body and spirit on the deepest level. The forks have a powerful ability to get to the root of many physical and emotional blockages and clear old or stale energy from the main energetic centres (chakras). They are incredibly precise like laser beams of high frequencies shooting directly into the body and energy. ⁣ I work with solfeggio attuned, high-quality vibro-acoustic tuning forks and eastern-style massage strokes + stretches to open, tone and soothe the mind, body and spirit. Each fork has a specific frequency relating to parts of the body and energy. One part of the process is to use certain forks to find areas of dissonance where you can literally hear pains, old injuries and low vibrations with the forks. You can also hear the shift in the vibrations once the forks have done a clearing. I use pure crystals over the main energetic centres to amplify and direct the resonance in the right way. During an align session you may experience pain relief, deep relaxation, body movements, emotional release, physical releases and shifts happening in the body, third eye opening, seeing visuals, colours and patterns. During the session I will also use my voice and hands (Thai-style massage) to assist in any clearings and releases. It is a multi-dimensional healing, connecting to all levels of being. After the session you will be revived with soothing essential oils and the tinkle of koshi chimes. This is pure, healing, vibrational medicine. It is not hard to believe how this can assist us so deeply as we are all made of vibrations. Every single thing in the Universe is made of vibration. We are swimming through a cosmos of frequency. When we use highly tuned, vibrational frequencies in this intentional way we are able to retune the body, mind and spirit back to the optimum frequencies, our natural state of harmony.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please leave at least 12 hours before class begins. If you cancel within this timeframe without extenuating circumstances you may still incur the charge for the class/session you were attending.

Contact Details

  • Gloucestershire, UK

    + 07495710203

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