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My private sessions and ceremonies are currently offered online and at my private temple space in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

These offerings have been carefully refined and curated over the last seven years to bring you the most aligned and potent magick from my heart to yours.

You'll be warmly greeted with a steaming cup of herbal tea or ceremonial Cacao and welcomed into the sacred space.

We'll take the time first to cleanse with smoke and breath, shedding the layers of the outside world and preparing to go deeply inwards. 

After this I will create a sacred container to hold you in your healing. With sound, ceremony, embodiment and sacred plant medicine you will be nourished and guided on a deep inner journey to receive the question that was written on your heart.


I may use hands on energy healing techniques, gentle massage strokes, guided meditation, breath work, sound healing and other healing modalities to give you what you need in any given moment. 

Afterwards you may want to spend time in the beautiful forest right on my doorstep. Taking time to integrate slowly and arrive back in your awareness.


I offer four signature, healing sessions for you to explore... read on...



These signature sound sessions are created using a combination of pure crystalline tones, ambient drones, sacred Mantra, ethereal channeled vocals and chimes to create a blissful sound cocoon for you to be held by.  


You will receive a unique vocal sound healing experience through this transmission. Light language is essentially pure light channelled through voice. It is a multi-dimensional form of communication. This is a language that is not understood by the mind but received deeply into the soul. It is a high frequency modality that creates healing imprints on the mind, body and soul, inviting an elevation of your vibration to embody more of your highest self. It is a form of sound healing that can help us connect with higher realms of consciousness.


A sensuous and shamanic blend of multidimensional modalities: Thai yoga massage, somatic embodiment, devotional bodywork, shamanic womb massage, sound healing, light language/sacred mantra channelling, aromatic oils and energy healing.


The devotional bodywork spaces I offer are in devotion to the body as a temple to Shakti; an honouring, presence and attunement. The alchemy that occurs in these spaces are truly profound. 


I create a sacred shamanic temple space to enter into receiving the remembrance of the true Feminine in Her queendom. A space where women can BE and receive; where all parts are welcomed and held equally.


~ For women, femme embodied folk and womb bearers only.


Open your heart with Theobroma Cacao - the food of the Gods and the seed of cosmic consciousness. She is the sacred key that unlocks the portals of our heart and spirit.

The Cacao you will be served is blessed and sent with prayers by the women who are dedicated to sharing Her message and mission. She will touch you in the very centre of your heart and awaken the frequency of purest love in your DNA. 

After serving Cacao we will travel through dimensions of breath, body, heart and soul to uncover the truth of your soul's gifts / root of the questions you have on your heart. This will be a bespoke and intimate ritual for you to weave devotion to Heart of Hearts.


An incredibly potent and healing practice, freeing the soul voice allows us to expand fully into our power and potential - helping us to shed the shackles that keep us small and silent so we can take up the space we deserve in this world.


Within the sessions we have together we will practice tuning in, listening and sharing authentic expression through the voice, words, actions and behaviour to balance and harmonise the throat chakra.

Singing is one of the most ancient and powerful tools we have to balance the throat chakra, raise our vibrations and bring ourselves into harmony, peace and ease. You do not need to be a 'singer' in order to access this work - your voice is perfect and enough exactly as it is. Please also note - I will not 'train' you to become a classical singer!

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