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Our entire cosmos is woven together with the fabric of vibration and a mesh of ever-changing frequencies. Sound healing is an ancient technique that uses the application and manipulation of sound and vibration to stimulate healing patterns in the mind, body and soul.

Using my precious and expertly sourced instruments, I intend to create a deeply enchanting soundscape of vibration that washes through the body's subtle energy systems, cleansing and clearing any energy blocks, allowing our vitality to build within.

A form of deep and transcendent meditation, sound healing has a wonderful way of aiding the slipping the body into total relaxation, calming the mind and relieving tension and thus reducing aches and pains. At the intersection of science and spirituality - these sounds also capture our attention in a way that needs no narration by the thinking mind. The internal chatter falls away to reveal pure awareness in the moment.



These signature experiences combine guided relaxation with healing sound, voice, music and scent to create a blissful environment for your intention to arise. Experience your true frequency, as an altar to all creation. Receive the transmission of sacred touch.


You can expect to be tucked up in a warm and fluffy blanket, supported by cushions and bolsters and to be guided deep into nervous system rest.

You can expect to leave feeling calmer and more centred.

Perhaps restored and nourished by the gentle harmonies and lullabies. 

My sessions are conducted in Hertfordshire at my private temple space or online. I can also travel for private events and bookings upon request.


120 minutes \ 60 minutes

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