Wild Heart

In the end, she will feel it

The wild-hearted wolf's cry

that rattles her soul with

flashes of silver and gold.

The truth she has kept stored

within her gypsy heart.

Dripping through her fingers like diamonds

as she runs barefoot,

Through vast woodlands and silent coves,

Sprinkled with the pink bruises

of distant sunsets.

Along the way,

that journey she takes,

of roads less travelled and winding lanes,

she will hear it.

The perpetual echo of a wolf's howl.

Wild as the wind biting at her ankles

calling her. Always near.

It is here that she finds herself -

wide eyes and quiet mind,

the gentle hum of a heartbeat,

A grateful breath.

It is here that she comes home,

To the charms of the silver moon.

The taste of freedom on her lips,

Each setting sun and breaking dawn

bringing her closer to here.

To home.

- For Wolf & Gypsy

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