The Winter Of Our Lives

We are in the winter of our lives. The first true l'hiver howling from the heart of Scandinavian mountains, rattling at the windows with her icy fingers. Here we are, stood facing the blackness of midwinter with nothing but rags to keep us warm. We were not ready for this. We were not ready for the cold.

Winter, she steals the breath from our bodies. A crystalline exhale of steam, spiralling from chapped and frost-bitten lips. We try to gasp but the icy air stings our lungs. Winter is truly here now, wrapping us in a blanket of frost and forcing us to retreat into the warmth. Into hibernation.

We have lost our way in the dark. Generations of electric lights, late nights and central heating have softened our senses to dullness. We can no longer feel the rhythm of the earth as she cycles through the seasons. We have blocked ourselves from receiving the natural energy of the Winter world in a flurry of January promises and forced resolutions.

But Winter brings with her the power of rest. The power of retreating into the blackness with intention to restore and repair. Respecting the natural ebb and flow of light and dark as we turn inwards to contemplate. To meditate. Winter stands as a symbol of deep and restful retreat. She is kind in that way.

We currently stand fighting in the face of the Winter of our lives, a time of immense dark, cold stillness. But what happens if we surrender to her? If we let the darkness swallow us whole and lay inside of its warm belly, wrapping it's folds around us like blankets. If we submit to Winter and allow her to curl us inwards, mindfully retreating into her icy bowels to sleep through the storm, ready to awaken with the first buds of spring.

We must huddle together to weather this storm. As our heartbeats slow to the stillness of hibernation, we must hold each other close and contemplate the things that truly matter as they rise to the surface of our consciousness. Winter gives us the opportunity to soften into the darkness with a single candle lit to lead the way gently, gently, gently.

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