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The Surfer

Sometimes, I am overtaken by anxiety.

I can feel the clutching around my heart and navel. The hot warmth of nausea swelling as the alarm bells in my body let me know there’s a giant tidal wave swelling behind me, and to swim fast!

We all feel like this sometimes.

Anxiety can be useful when there really is tidal wave forming on the horizon, or another immediate danger. Our bodies react by shutting down our non-vital systems and pumping adrenaline in vast quantities- to help us run faster, away from the danger.

But if there’s no immediate danger, anxiety can be a bit of a vibe-killer with symptoms ranging from body shakes, to sleeplessness and sickness - with a whole spectrum in between.

In this peculiar time of seemingly directionless flow, anxiety can swell out of nowhere and grip us with no warning. A huge wave brimming on the horizon with seemingly no escape. Wrapping her fingers around our throats, holding us underwater and stealing our breath.

Trusting the journey is a huge part of letting go. Learning to surf these waves when they come or maybe ducking under and bowing through the really giant ones. Letting them wash over our heads instead of taking us out.

The waves will always come. But you will grow into a more confident surfer. 🏄🏼‍♀️