So Here We Are Again...

Stuck inside. This time... in the dark.

With the winter creeping in outside our drawn curtains, we are once again locking ourselves inside to protect our country from this nasty old virus. This one feels scarier though. It's dark and cold outside now and the sunshine barely peeps out from behind his cloudy castle walls.

The economy is busted.

The environment is busted.

Masks. Bubbles. Political deceit. Rent. Social Distancing. Furlough. Enough hand sanitiser for a bloody slip 'n' slide.

This might seem like a time to be miserable and sulk sorrowfully in the darkness.

Or maybe this is a second helpful hand from Mother Nature. An indication from a higher, universal power that we may need to slow down.

To feel it all.

In the hustle and bustle of every day life, we spend such a small amount of time actually noticing and feeling everything that we are experiencing. We're too busy dashing about, getting dressed, getting undressed, at the gym, at the office, in the car, dropping the kids off, cooking dinner.... etc... to notice the subtle and magnificent intricacies of our bodies and minds.

So here is a golden opportunity to stand away to quietly observe and experience everything. I'm not saying it will all feel joyful. Maybe none of it will. The beauty of meditation is that we come to observe ourselves without judgement or labelling as 'good' or 'bad' but simply the fluctuating waves of emotion, thought and feeling that make us human. We can feel it all and then step away and observe what we are experiencing. Like an artist stepping back to view a painting of light and shade. We are a chaotic and interweaving balance of both.

'Self-care' is now a phrase that is coined alongside pamper evenings, luxury retreats and candlelit baths but the true meaning can go so much deeper. If we make the time to truly examine how we feel and really experience the resonant fluctuations of pain and joy we can be fully alive and experiencing this moment. Without judgement. Without expectation.

It feels so marvellous to relieve ourselves of the pressure of DOING and release into simply BEING.

We are now stuck in the darkness without much hope of light or guidance from the outside. So we must seek light and guidance inside. It is there. All wisdom flows from a higher source and within all of us there is an infinite pool of ancient wisdom, waiting to be tapped and used. Get in touch with it.

If you can't go outside. Go inside.


Go Inside: The Stillness Programme

A 4-week meditation course begins online on November 9th.

Details below...


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