The big chill is upon us.

It’s here whether we like it or not.

And as the world begins to freeze, we are invited to turn inwards. To slow down and focus on welcoming in soothing experiences, creating moments of calm, and allowing space for the appreciation of small things.

This is the time of year we are called to be gentle with ourselves. To be more mindful in the face of the fierce consumerism that marks the end of the western calendar year. To be vigilant in caring for ourselves and protecting our energies from the dwindling daylight and fiercely cold, dark winter.

This is how it is meant to be. A cycle of life and death, light and dark, fast and slow, yang and yin. An ever-changing seasonal shift as we ebb and flow with the tides of the sun and moon and the cosmic wonders that lie beyond. Humans have lived this way for millennia - following the changing sky and signals of Mother Earth’s many creatures and lifeforms to live in union with the natural way.

But over the last hundred years or so things have… changed.

After the onset of the Industrial Revolution we’ve quickly lost touch with our natural ebb and flow in favour of shiny consumerism and capitalism. As our drive to consume more and more has increased, our connection to ourselves, the planet and our cyclic nature has diminished. We are walking upon an Earth that is desperately calling out for us to listen, but we are distracted by gadgets, flashing lights and the next exciting new thing. We have become enveloped by yang and have forgotten there is balance to receive. We have lost site of our yin.

Never fear.

Yoga is here.

We can use the techniques of Yoga and mindfulness to begin to tap back into our natural power as land keepers of the Earth and find a new sense of connection with the ancient and cyclic wisdom that she can provide us.

To place our hands, hearts and eardrums back against the beating heart of Mother Earth and feel her energy guiding us.

To begin to slow right down, as the rest of the planet does the same, and honour the energetic shift towards winter that anchors us in the present moment.