Setting Up Your Yoga Space

Creating a home yoga space is a beautiful way to honour yourself and your practice.

Picture this: a secluded space/corner that is meant solely for meditation and yoga reinforces the importance of your practice and can help you establish a more consistent practice routine outside of the studio. Having a safe and sacred place at home where you can retreat to at any time is so special.

It can also become an 'alter' or 'shrine' of sorts to honour yourself through the passing of time. Many people find great joy in making intentional offerings on the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, as well as the Summer and Winter Solstices, along with the many cycles of the moon through the year, to remain devotional and focused in their intentions.

Here are a handful of tips for creating an inviting home yoga space!

  • Create enough space for a mat or blanket. This is really the only necessary requirement for a home practice. Having a designated space to practice will help you stay consistent. If you don’t have to think about where to unroll your mat, you’re already one step closer to practicing. Many people (I was one of them) believe they can’t practice yoga at home because there’s no room in their house. When in reality, you don’t need to have an entire room or home studio to devote to your practice. All you need is enough space for a mat. I have lived in many one bedroom and studio apartments and I usually move my furniture around to accommodate space for my mat. You could use a small corner in the living room, or even the space next to your bed. There’s always room for yoga, even in the tiniest of spaces. (check my IG for proof!)

  • Try to make your space peaceful. I suggest choosing a space that’s near natural light and that’s reasonably free of noise and other distractions. Your yoga space should be a place where you can bend, stretch and practice in peace (as much as is possible within family life). Make use of outside spaces where possible - a secluded balcony or patio would make an amazing chill zone - and enjoy some time away from the world by stepping away from electronic or communicative devices.

  • Invest in some yoga props, or DIY! If you're a beginner, props like blocks and straps can be super helpful in aiding mobility and allowing access to poses that might be tricky without. If you're hoping to get some real chill time, keeping a bolster, eye mask and a blanket nearby for a long and cosy savasana is highly recommended.

  • Cleanliness. Psychological studies have proven we are more attracted to build a habit if the environment we are performing that task within is clean, tidy and easy to access. Try to eliminate clutter, mess and rubbish - an uncluttered space promotes an uncluttered mind. You can store your stuff in an ottoman, a small shelf/cupboard or even a decorative basket. Have a play with design to find your own storage aesthetic.

  • Make it your own! This is your of inspiration and creative liberation. This space should inspire you to want to get on the mat even on those days you’d rather be watching Netflix under the duvet. There are many things you can add to your yoga space to make it more calming, special and inviting; house plants, incense, artwork, diffusers or crystals. Try a few things and get a feel for what you like!

And finally… you get to use the space! Practice yoga, meditate, read, make art, listen to music, and use the time spent here to connect deeply with yourself. Bliss!

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