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Sagittarius Season - Welcoming 'The Archer'

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The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd marks an optimistic new beginning following a shadowy plunge through Scorpio plus a rollercoaster eclipse season. This chapter brings exciting, new opportunities for expanding our consciousness and broadening our horizons, bringing along the light-heartedness but sparky passion and one-pointedness of Sagittarius (The Archer).

Sagittarius is here to remind us to not take ourselves too seriously. A breath of fresh air after being deeply immersed in the dark waters of Scorpio for so long - Sag is a a free-spirited wanderer, but one who remains firmly rooted in expansion and determination to manifest what is truly desired. We are being called to realign our arrow shooting true North and attend to our soul's expansion into our true purpose.

Sagittarius is associated with the element of fire - one that can often be mistaken for destruction and pain. However the fire element can also have many positive uses and associations. In traditional Chinese medicine the element of fire is linked to the heart and the small intestine. Stimulating fire in the body can provide a sense of vitality and zest for life - giving us a 'fiery passion' as such. Within Indian (Vedic) philosophy fire is found in the solar plexus chakra, nestled within the navel. The energy centre is often thought to be our power centre and when aligned can give us a sense of purpose, passion and direction to aid us in our growth.

Just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes of what came before - we can use this burst of fire energy to initiate transformation. To shed our layers and burn away the parts of us that are no longer needed to make way for something better.

Honouring Sag season and this auspicious new moon may look like…

  1. Spell work: writing out your manifestations in the present tense (as if they have already come to you!) and offering them up with fire. Be sure to give gratitude after!

  2. Sit in meditation: This is a great time to sit in meditation, practice visualisation, connect with spirit guides or get creative. Allow yourself to express your emotions and practice meeting yourself with love and compassion - especially the parts that fear touches. Extend this love outwardly to Earth, The Universe and all beings.

  3. Journal! Write down all the ways in which you are shedding your old skin to make space for something new. How are you allowing the fire to transform you?

  4. Venture into the unknown: follow your heart and book a trip somewhere you've always wanted to explore. Even if it's just exploring a different part of town or taking the dog on a different route on your morning walk - get creative and don't be afraid to walk off the beaten path.

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