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Re-wilding the Feminine

"They won't tell you fairytales

Of how girls can be dangerous and still win.

They'll only tell you the stories

Where girls are good and sweet and kind

And reject all sin.

I guess to them

It's a terrifying thought

A red riding hood

Who knew exactly what she was doing

When she let the wild in."

Imagine a world where strict gender roles were never imposed and enforced.

A world where girls and women were not feared, demonised and punished by patriarchal religion.

A world where the Roman Empire never invaded the British Isles and enforced their patriarchal value system onto the native people, ripping them out of their cyclic, earth-based lifestyles and into 'civilisation'. Thus sparking the brutal and invasive unfolding of history as we have known it across the world.

This world we're imagining is a world where the feminine is honoured and respected.

Where traditionally 'feminine' characteristics are not demonised and women's bodies are not property.

Where the world contains essence and offering to the lunar aspects as well as the solar.

Where different characteristics and aesthetics are not chosen as more or less desirable, there is simply balance.

Where we can express our beautiful, connected, wild and sensual selves without fear of repercussion.

Where we are free to answer the call of the Earth and stand in stewardship alongside one another in perfect, divine balance.

Rewilding the feminine is not simply about connecting with nature again, and it's also not just for women. It’s about tapping into the full spectrum of your own human nature and accessing the deep, sacred power that you hold within the vessel of the body and soul. Re-wilding is to return, a rememberence, a reclamation of who you really are.

We live in a world that does not recognise the ebb and flow of women’s energies that flows monthly alongside the cycles of the moon. We’re expected to be the same, on our a-game day in, day out, when simply said, we are not. We cannot be. Nobody can be.

Our capitalist, patriarchal structures imposes a heavy toll on us. The expectation to conform and perform every day goes against the natural order of things. The natural flows and cycles we are living within. Looking within and beginning to notice (and record) our own ebbs and flows - including the menstrual cycle if you have one - is a beautiful way to begin to welcome the feminine back in. As we begin to understand our cyclic, tidal pulls, we can utilise this knowledge to create better efficiency and understanding within our societies - honouring the cycles of nature and the balance of light and dark within all of us.

It’s time to reclaim this sacred knowledge as a powerful portal into our innate feminine wisdom. We have been seperated from our wild selves. We are no longer connected to our instinctive essence and doesn’t recognise our own strength, freedom, and value.

Re-wilding is not only about reclaiming our cyclic nature and standing within that power, but about communing with the sacredness of our Earth. As we continue on this path we begin to witness ourselves as stewards for this powerful land and reclaim our positions as Her guardians and protectors. The Earth is calling for us to root back into Her. To open our hearts wide to our own divinity and call back into harmony the balance that we so desperately need to free all humanity.

The feminine is rising.

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