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Manifest New Energy with the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox this year will occur in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20th at 15:33 (UK time).

The word “equinox” derives its name from the Latin term “eqi” which means “equal” and “nox” which means “night”. Essentially, "equal night" the Spring Equinox is one of two occurrences in the wheel of the year when the night and daylight are of equal length. Spring Equinox celebrates the renewed life of the Earth that comes with the unthawing of Spring. It is a solar festival, celebrating the expanding and awakening sunshine as He rises from His winter slumber.

This year the Equinox energy feels bigger and more abundant than ever. An opportunity to seed our intentions and allow those flowers to be tended within, we can joyfully welcome the unravelling of new energy with grace and commitment. At this moment, before the arrival of the Equinox on Sunday, we are being called once more to go inward. Nature is calling us to unearth our hushed treasures and discover ourselves with meditation and manifestation.

The Equinox symbolises balance and harmony in the world, two energies we're being called to embody even in the face of the starkest adversities. This is the duality of life on Earth – death, birth, un-learning, rediscovering. These are the gifts of the simultaneous seasonal shift and call to sequester ourselves for the greater good. We’re being called back into the safety of our own hearts as the external world begins to birth and bloom around us.

Use this ritual below to welcome new energy for the Equinox, honouring the balance of light and dark within all of us and manifesting the blossoming flowers of intention from your heart centre.

You will need;

- Piece of paper

- Lighter/Matches

- Pen

- Fireproof dish

The Ritual;

Visualise the goal you are manifesting. Feel this goal in your whole body as if you are experiencing it in real time - allow your senses to connect and be inspired.

Write down your manifestations and goals onto a piece of paper, and fold it thrice.

Set the paper on fire in the dish and as it burns say (out loud); "I release this goal to the will of the Universe. Bless me with this or something better."

Happy Equinox!

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