Ground into Autumn: Harness the Power of Transition

"Balance is not something you find, balance is something you create"


Autumn Equinox is moving in with a gracious sigh. This day marks the end of summer, in spirit and in calendar. Indigenous cultures would celebrate the two Equinoxes (Spring & Autumn) plus the two Solstice's (Summer & Winter) as the four most important days of the year, marking the changing seasons and honouring a deep and divine connection to the cycles of nature.

We view Autumn energetically as Yin - offering us the opportunity to slow down, be still, look inside and reflect on how much we have grown and learnt.

The Equinox welcomes the beginning of darker days. The drawing in of longer shadows and deeper colours. Green turns to gold, pink turns to burnt reds and oranges. Change is in the very air we breathe and it is our task to create balance within it.

Just as the trees shed their dead leaves, we must let go of what doesn’t serve us in order to find balance in the changing season.

We can create balance within transition by grounding ourselves into our experience of this moment. By coming back to what we know as truth - authentically listening, stripping back and shaking off anything that no longer serves us on our path. Cut back to the bare branches of what is truly necessary to feel supported and held in the Now. Nourish the roots and from here you will bloom.

Take a moment to ground yourself and connect.

Feel the earth beneath your feet.

Let go and turn inwards, into stillness.

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