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Glimmers of a Sunday morning ✨

Here's to those lazy Sundays.

A freckled smattering of morning light,

Like drops of golden honey,

Pouring like velvet through open blinds,

Across rosy cheeks.

Here's to those bed-stubborn days.

All tangled sheets,

Feet, and clashing teeth,

Soft kisses like dew drops,

Tickled ribs and fluffy lips.

Here's to the kitchen kettle train-whistling.

One stop to the perfect Sunday morning,

With sun-soaked eyelashes

And tea-stained tongues,

Weaving chilly fingers around china mugs.

Here's to the herbal enamour

Of the sacred morning brew.

Of steam-soaked pores

and rose-bitten noses.

Snapshot of a clear Sunday sky.


For The Hemp Garden, Camarthenshire

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