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Full Moon in Virgo

On the 7th March 2023 the Full Moon in the earthy sign of Virgo will enchant our skies.

During this Moon, we have the opportunity to illuminate any shadows around perfectionism and feeling good enough as we are. Virgo invites us to release any worries around making mistakes and encourages us to instead to take a leap of faith - asking us to boldly stand and root into our own unique genius.


A Full Moon illuminates our shadows and invites us to release anything that may not be serving us. Our shadow is the embedded but unconscious memory of trauma/learned conditioning that may have occurred during our earlier life. We either did not have the resources or support to understand these moments in time, so they became integrated into our subconscious. These traumas and events/memories often form who we are and how we interact with yourself and others, sometimes undermining us with negative or critical self-belief. Our shadows can show up as feelings of unworthiness, self-criticism, pain, judgement, limitations and feeling 'triggered'. These parts of us should be equally honoured and, although we often do, there is no need to feel shame.

The full Moon is the time to illuminate our inner blocks and shift our unconscious shadows. It’s also a time of integration and release, as we let go of these newly conscious ways of being in favour of something better for ourselves. Shadow work is about healing. When we can fully see and accept our shadows in the conscious, we can heal the wounds that caused them. We can give ourselves what we need emotionally and energetically to integrate all aspects of ourselves.


Virgo is the powerful sign of the Goddess, the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine Essence. This energy is a reminder that we each carry a divine gift waiting to be uncovered and Virgo invites us to open up the doorway to unleash that unique gift into the world. Being rooted in the beautiful, strong and nourishing element of Earth, Virgo offers us an invitation to begin to anchor our visions and dreams that have been popping up through Aquarius and Pisces season into a more physical manifestation. Building the foundations to grow our dreams upon.

However, we often do not feel worthy or ready to share our magic with others and end up hiding it away in fear of being rejected or failing. Virgo’s energy in its highest frequency teaches us that we are always ready, always worthy, and perfect as is. Virgo is the sign of deep service. This energy helps us to not only contribute to our own healing but also to raising the vibration of the collective. We are all connected.

This Full Moon is inviting us to question what we are here to offer to the world? What is our soul's mission/dharma/reason for manifesting at this time on Earth? We are being called to examine if we are living in alignment with this truth and to begin to release feelings of unworthiness in order to live in a higher vibration.

It is time to step into your full power and realise your potential. It’s a time to shift from the energy of 'not enough', to that of abundance and thriving. It is time to embrace mistakes and release the fear of making new ones in order to truly step into the genius that you are here to share.

The full Moon in Virgo is a chance to free ourselves from the weight of perfectionism and transform every mistake into a powerful lesson poised to help us evolve into our highest self.


Throughout this Full Moon portal, ask yourself how you can release feelings of inadequacy or imposter syndrome in order to offer your unique gifts to the world in true service.

  • What are your unique gifts?

  • Have you made any mistakes along the way that you can accept and forgive?

  • What gifts may be hiding in your mistakes?

  • What is your relationship with your shadow?

  • Is there anything holding you can that you can let go of?

As you shift your mindset to focus on feeling worthy and enough, your fear dissolves and you can move from a place of alignment and love.

You start sharing your thoughts, insights, and unique perspective with others. You give your own gift of wisdom to the world without hesitation. As you do this, you inspire others to give their wisdom and insight. A rising tide lifts all ships. We rise together. We are all connected.

It all starts, though, by honouring what you have to give and feeling good enough right now to share it. Take some time to dig down deep and find out what you might be holding back from the world through fear of not being enough. How can you step out of your own way to let this beauty shine through?

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