Cloud-Watching Theory

Cloud watching theory ☁️ ⠀ ————————— ⠀ When people start meditation, or try it for the first time, they often say the same things... ⠀ “I can’t meditate as my mind is too busy” “I find meditation really hard” “I just can’t clear my mind!” ⠀ So here’s a theory that may help to straighten out a few of these teething problems... ⠀ Picture the mind as a transcendent and expansive blue sky. This is the truest nature of the mind and is unchanging. ⠀ Your thoughts are represented by the clouds. Sometimes grey and thick, sometimes light and fluffy. ☁️ The sky will rarely be clear of clouds, and sometimes the sky will be stormy. However the sky behind the clouds remains blue, expansive and beautiful - never changing. ⠀ Think of yourself as a cloud gazer. Observing the clouds passing with no judgement or attachment. Sometimes taking shelter from the storm, sometimes basking in the sunshine. Never blaming the sky for the weather that day, accepting whatever shape the clouds take. ⠀ You don’t label, judge or try to change the clouds. You don’t try to clear the sky, as you simply cannot. You simply lie back and peacefully gaze upon the clouds as they drift by. You are the observer. This is meditation. ⠀ ————————— ⠀ Some helpful tips! ⠀ • Meditation is not an attempt to clear the mind, but rather an observe it. The sooner you can understand and accept that, the less frustrating meditation practice will feel. ⠀ • There is so such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ meditation as there is no desired outcome. Release attachment to the result and meditation simply becomes practice. ⠀ • Make space everyday to sit in mindfulness and meditate. Discipline is key to beneficial practice. Five minutes daily can eventually turn into 20 minutes twice daily, and onwards! ⠀ Namaste x

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