5 Sustainable Wellbeing Brands That Will Change Your Life (and the earth!)

I love trying out new products.

I love connecting with awesome brands around the world and helping to spread their messages of self-worth, wellness and sustainability.

I also love a list.

So here is one. Compiled of a few of my favourite wellbeing brands doing awesome things for you, without the cost to the planet.

  1. BAM (Bamboo Clothing)

I love Bamboo. It's the future of fabric, fashion and fun. If you're a person who love the Lulu Lemon Align pants for Yoga class - you NEED to check out the super soft BAM clothing.

Bamboo absorbs 5x more carbon than hardwood trees and only requires half the land of cotton - with no irrigation or pesticides needed. Working towards being IMPACT POSITIVE by 2030 (this means having a POSITIVE carbon footprint) BAM not only have the right values, but the right clothes too. They let me try their new season colours and I am enchanted. Sumptuous plums and figs in deliciously soft but breathable styles, in a great range of sizes. Check them out!

2. Mellow

The. world. needs. more. CBD.

I'm a huge fan of CBD in all its forms and I take the position that the world would be a whole lot more peaceful if more of us utilised CBD for all its amazingness.

Mellow are a marketplace selling a carefully curated selection of the worlds most trusted CBD products. They sent me a few bits to try out and I was impressed! Mellow can help you pick out what you're looking for and care passionately about everyone of their products finding a great home.

CBD can be amazing for all kinds of ailments. From skin conditions, to sleep, stress and supplements - CBD can help support a balanced mind, body and spirit. It's also majorly good for the planet as cannabis and hemp have been proven to help revitalise soil and extract carbon from the atmosphere.

Try the Healing Alternatives Bath Salts for a relaxing night in, or the Reakiro Raw Hemp Pen for a more supportive supplement. Use code YOGINI10 for 10% off your order.


I know, I know... I'm a bit obsessed with bamboo, but it's the fabric of the future and BOODY are a brand I can get on board with.

Specialising in gorgeous fitting, super soft and comfortable underwear, BOODY will have you questioning if it's okay to wear the same pair of pants 2 days in a row (oops!) They sent me their classic bra and high-waisted brief set to try and I was enchanted by the softness, breathability and durability of the fabric.

BOODY's bamboo is certified by the OCIA (organic crop improvement association) and undergoes thorough inspection regularly to assure the sustainability of the crop for harvest. Bamboo is a super crop that can help contribute to a better earth. Fast growing, strong, high yielding and without the use of pesticides/irrigation/fertilisers - bamboo is the resilient and beautiful answer we have been waiting for. Give BOODY a try next time you need to buy pants.

4. Skimmed Milk

Skimmed Milk are a cool and colourful activewear brand from London. Working hard to create a range of 'functional yet funky' activewear products for movers and shakers - Skimmed Milk don't cut corners when it comes to sustainability. They turn horrid things like plastic bottles into beautiful things like the sports bra & leggings they sent me in the Deep Lake colour that is utterly beautiful.

No brand is perfect and what I love about Skimmed Milk is they're not making any false promises. They donate to environmental charities to support their movement towards climate neutrality and work hard to ensure everything is as sustainable as possible. Just good people, making the world more colourful, without a huge cost to the planet. I'm on board!

5. Urban Veda

Urban Veda combine three of my favourite things. Yoga philosophy, natural healing and veganism. Without testing on animals, using any animal products, or using any non-recyclable materials Urban Veda have managed to create a range of skincare products that nourish and heal the skin from the inside out.

Based on the therapeutic properties of plants and herbs, Urban Veda have been founded on the principles of Ayurveda - the ancient Indian system of healing that goes hand in hand with Yoga practice. With respect to the planet and its inhabitants, Urban Veda offer natural skincare solutions and treats for all skin types based upon balancing and replenishing our doshas. Plus they smell delicious too!

I tried the sandalwood Soothing Day Cream, Night Cream and Facial Oil - leaving me with a radiant complexion, moisturised skin and big ol' happy smile.

Happy shopping eco-warriors! x

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