What is Thai Yoga Massage?


Thai Yoga Massage or TYM is an ancient healing system that uses a combination of bodyweight Yoga stretches, compression, acupressure and massage along the 'Sen' energy lines to bring the body into balance. 

TYM is quite physical, but works fully on the energetic body - relieving tension and removing blockages to help detoxify and energise the body's systems. 

What can you expect?

There are typically no lotions involved and you can keep your clothes on. The treatment in total takes between 60-120 minutes and has many supported health benefits. You will be stretched, pulled and twisted into bliss. 

What can Thai Yoga Massage help with?


Thai Yoga Massage treats ailments such as headache, knee pain, back, shoulder and neck pain, premenstrual tension, emotional stress and others. It is especially effective for numbness or loss of feeling in conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, or after a stroke, and can help with general aches and pains.


The treatment improves flexibility, relaxes, restores and energises although contrary to popular preconceptions, TYM  does not require practitioner or receiver to be flexible, athletic or strong. Each treatment is designed and tailored to suit individual client needs.

If you're interested in receiving TYM, please get in touch below. 

"Very thorough and professional. Explained the process gently and assessed the strengths and areas of weakness in my body. Would come again, in an instant!  - Jo, 2020