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Our true voice is the pure, true and resonant frequency of our innermost selves. It is a raw, unfiltered, healing and powerful prayer for freedom and liberation. It can guide our expression to a more truthful place and guide us to taking up space within the fullness of our power. When it is fully felt, unleashed and empowered it is truly magical and can touch the hearts of many.

We can open the voice as an instrument of truth and a compassionate heart. To speak, share, sing and love from the voice of our hearts. To sing, rejoice and give thanks to the Earth and all creation.

Working to reclaim and empower the voice can help us to heal the wounds that have kept us small for so long. To awaken the wild roar that has laid dormant inside for millennia and the soul song that is waiting, ready to be shared with the world.

When we use our voice to connect with the true essence of our being… we can unfurl its magic and allow it to re-sound through us. We resonate at its frequency and remind every vibrating particle in our being of our truth, power and full potential. The every changing...


Life is a magnificent symphony and the voice of the Earth is alive all around us. Whether you think you can sing or not, music is a part of all of us.

The voice is a source of infinite magic and cosmic, creative energy. The voice represents our expression and the way we move through the world. Through consciously connecting to the voice we can activate our intuitive gifts, purpose, joy, creativity and medicine.


When we claim our authentic voices we harness our potential and innate truth as powerful and sovereign beings. To speak up, take up space and stand in truth as an act of reclamation and empowerment is a powerful gesture of kinship and love.


My work with the voice pulls from a range of holistic practices within the universe of Vocal Activation or Vocal Empowerment. This is an open-ended and free-flowing process of awakening and healing the soul voice, our truthful expression, our feelings of worthiness, using sound, song and silence to create healing and free flow from the heart. 


An incredibly potent and healing practice, freeing the soul voice allows us to expand fully into our power and potential - helping us to shed the shackles that keep us small and silent so we can take up the space we deserve in this world.


Within the sessions we have together we will practice tuning in, listening and sharing authentic expression through the voice, words, actions and behaviour to balance and harmonise the throat chakra.

The throat chakra is the creative centre and the portal that allows us to flow freely from the wisdom of the heart. As co-creative beings, we weave and create the reality we experience. What we speak becomes so. It's important for us to become aware of the throat chakra and the inner voice - freely the flow from the heart so we can share truthfully, authentically and compassionately from love.

We work with self-inquiry, journalling, compassionate sharing and different forms of improvisational singing, toning and sounding to explore the many facets of the voice.


Singing is one of the most ancient and powerful tools we have to balance the throat chakra, raise our vibrations and bring ourselves into harmony, peace and ease. You do not need to be a 'singer' in order to access this work - your voice is perfect and enough exactly as it is. Please also note - I will not 'train' you to become a classical singer!



Singing has always been a support to me in my life and challenges. As a singer-songwriter and sacred song carrier, my mission is to support you to speak up, to take up space, to re-write your story and help you fully receive yourself so you can free your expression, and give voice to your innermost heart’s calling in. I am passionate about reclaiming the voice of the land and reigniting our ancestral stories and songs as a form of sacred activism. To tap back into the infinite well of animate wisdom from our ancient cultures and allow our voices to resonate in prayer and truth.

I have spent much of my life with beautiful song and music all around. My performance experiences comes primarily through the exploration of Brettonic Folk Song - a tradition of music that is mostly passed down aurally and therefore reflective of the heart of each musician that receives the song. In this way the songs become living beings in their own rights and with their own medicine to share - we are simply the keepers.

I have also spent years exploring Eastern practices - such as Non Dual Tantrik Yoga, Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound) and Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of devotion) as well as sound-based shamanic lineages and sacred longlines from around the world.

My sessions are not designed to help you become a pro singer or performer, but rather, it’s meant to empower you to be your own sound healer so that you can attune to your highest innermost frequency, let your heart open wide to healing and get to know your most authentic self.

My embodied voice work treads the worlds within and without, weaving divine with mundane so you can experience the fullness of your expression and take up the space you are worthy of every day of your life. Helping you tap into and embody the pulsation of pure Shakti (power).

I’m here to help you find flow, tap into your true joy, release blocks and unleash deepen layers of your voice and creativity, so you can feel fully aligned and in harmony.


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