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My devotional bodywork is a luxurious and embodied massage-based treatment attending to your inner and outer goddess.

In creating this signature treatment I wanted to draw together all of the beautiful threads that have woven through my own learnings to create an offering in devotion to the Goddess herself.

Through the body we can know ourselves fully, our nature as one with all that is. Through the body we can access our truth - as a prayer to all life.

Bodywork is a ritual. It is a practice of self-devotion and tending to your sacred and beautiful form in order to further embody truth in all of her beauty, pain, pleasure and mystery. My devotional bodywork is a blend of tantrik embodiment, shamanic womb massage, oil-based holistic massage and Thai yoga massage. For you to feel nourished, worshipped and to attune to Her eternal pulsation.

Image by Ale Romo


This signature treatment combines hands on touch with sound, voice, music and scent to create a blissful environment for your healing and relaxation. Experience your body as an altar to all creation. Receive the transmission of sacred touch.


Enter into the temple space where you will be honoured, worshipped, nurtured and held in a reverence to be returned home to your true nature as a wild and perfect woman. 


The foundation of this offerings is the allowance of time, space and touch for your body to trust, to feel safe, to soften and open and receive. It is from this place that the deepest healing and awakening occurs.

A space for women to remember their queendom and to experience the magic of sacred worship.

120 minutes

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