Music has always been my heart song. Growing up on the stage, playing in bands and with the thrill of writing and producing my own music, I grew to ache for vibrational and sonic connection. In another life I was a professional singer-songwriter and although the bright lights and roar of the crowd was tempting - I prefer my music to be authentic, heartfelt and intimate. Something that is mostly sacrificed as a modern touring artist in the pursuit of financial benefit for a record label. 

I still write, perform and make music, but I choose a quieter place to create from. From stillness rises heart and a quietly authoritative authenticity. 


Below are a few hesitant offerings I have come up with. I hope you like them. I use a mix of contemporary and ancient instrumentation to create my developing sound - mostly MIDI drones, crystal bowls, gongs, guitar and voice. 

Please do share with me your thoughts and musings as you listen. These tracks are designed to immerse you in deep meditation so get yourself comfortable before popping them in your headphones or speakers.


Love Molly x