Why private meditation?


Do you want to learn to meditate? Deepen your practice? Private lessons or small group settings are the perfect way to mould and deepen your understanding of technique of meditation.  


Designed and tailored to suit your personal needs and goals, following a free consultation to outline any focus points, prior understanding and goals or achievements.


Meditation has been proven to help to improve overall wellness as well as contributing to a reduction in stress-related illness, boosting immunity, stabilising blood pressure and reducing the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. 

Meditation is an ancient practice based upon the principles of inner stillness and awareness of self. Cultivating a regular practice can serve radical improvement in life quality and overall happiness/contentment.

What I offer...

Find a deeper understanding and direction within your practice with a 6, 8 or 12 week programme designed especially for you. Sessions are 30 minutes each and can be taken in person (London) or on ZOOM.


Suitable for solo meditators, partners, small groups and parties seeking a wellness experience. Please contact me below to discuss options and packages.

"Molly is patient, gentle and knowledgeable. With her help I have discovered and integrated a sustainable meditation practice into my life."  - John 2020