Music is an extension of my soul. I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to write, record, perform and release music across many genres since a young age. My latest project ARION arrived with me in 2022 after a journey into the Akasha. ARION (melodious) is the title I am currently releasing music under and encapsulates the vibrations I would like to offer the world at this moment in time. 

After going through a spiritual awakening in 2018, I have been led onto a path of self-discovery and transformation, aligning to my true soul purpose. Over the last 3 years I have been incubating, learning and exploring through the mediums of sound and music, waiting for the right moment to craft a new sound. I find great joy in weaving my beloved crystal alchemy bowls into a more ambient and explorative sound - interweaving genre, experimentation and devotion - channelling the language of light to those who listen. Mixing a more traditional folk sound with soulful mantra, ambient sound scapes and dream-like vocals is my current exploration.

Now in 2022, as we are in the midst of a profound awakening on our planet, I feel I am being guided to share these new, healing sounds with the world. If you have found your way here then know you have done so for a reason, and I am so grateful for your energy, heart and ears! Please listen on and let me know how these sounds move in you.


Songs of the earth

Light Transmissions (2022 EP)

Songs of the Earth: Light Transmissions is a stunning debut EP from ARION. A sumptuous blend of ambient sounds, psychedelia and soulful vocals to transport the listener to another plane of consciousness - this long anticipated new venture for the London based sound healer was released into the world on 22/07/22 and births the first of a series of  ‘Light Transmissions’ - channelled and free form vocals and sounds offered to bring in the frequency of light.


Recorded, composed and produced in Molly's home studio in North London, this collection of tracks is the result of much change and re-development for the upcoming artist over the course of the 2019 pandemic.


 There are 5 tracks in the collection, each one holding a unique energy and vibration of one of the five elements of Earth. A cosmic ode to our beautiful planet, each of these original tracks contains light codes and celestial melodies to activate the soul and awaken the heart.

Written, composed and co-produced by Molly Anne Chinner

Co-produced by Matt Holloway